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MS Word 2013 Video Series

The MS Office lessons can be found on the DSBN eLearning site.

Word Part 1

Video: Select & Format Text

  • insertion point
  • moving the insertion point
    • clicking
  • moving around the document
  • scroll bars
  • selecting text
    • double click to select word
    • ctrl-click to select sentence
    • triple-click to select paragraph
    • use ctrl to select non-adjacent areas
    • selection bar (to left of words)
      • single-click to select line
      • double-click to select paragraph
      • triple-click to select entire document
  • recommend formatting after editing
  • formatting
    • fonts
    • case
    • paste formatting
    • highlighting
  • hover cursor over feature for quick-help
  • "old-school" menu

Video: Cut, Copy and Paste

  • selection revisited
  • cut vs copy
    • cut removes original
    • copy leaves original
  • clipboard
  • move insertion point to paste
  • paste formatting
  • drag-and-drop
    • use of ctrl with drag-and-drop

Video: Aligning

  • "make it.....then make it pretty"
  • alignment
    • default is left
    • centered
    • justified
    • right
  • click-and-type (using double-click)
  • save files immediately upon creating
    • filename?
    • location
  • Save early save often!

Word Part 1b

Video: Editing 02

  • word wrapping
  • show/hide (spaces. line feeds, tabs)
  • delete and backspace
  • undo (ctrl-z)

Video: Views 03

  • ruler
  • minimize, restore, maximize, close
  • scroll bars
  • multiple documents
    • view side-by-side
    • arrange all
    • synchronous scrolling
  • split document
  • showing windows (like Word and Acrobat) stacked or side-by-side

YouTube Video

Word Part 1c

(No videos. Assignment only.)

Word Part 1d

(No videos. Assignment only.)

Word Part 2

Video: Opening and Templates

  • backstage view
    • blank document
    • recent documents
    • open other documents
    • templates
      • searchable (example: fax cover sheet)
  • can open PDF (Acrobat) files
  • can save templates ("save as")

Word Part 3

Video: Margins, Columns, Sections

  • page layout
    • margins
      • predetermined or custom
    • paper size
      • letter is 8.5" x 11"
    • vertical page alignment
  • columns
    • column-break (ctrl-shift-enter)
    • use "apply to" drop-down menu
    • can edit by dragging ruler markings
    • can put a line between columns
  • page break (ctrl-enter)
  • section break
    • allows new headers or footers
    • allows changing of portrait and landscape mode
      • can be done in "Margins" option
  • line numbers 
  • hyphenation can be none, manual, or automatic 
  • non-breaking space (ctrl-shift-space)
    • insert > symbol > more symbols > special characters

Video: Styles, Themes, Style Sets

  • styles are on the Home ribbon
    • underutilized
    • used to consistently change the font and paragraph information
    • can be used for creating a Table of Contents (with the heading styles)
    • can save new styles
      • ...which can be configured to be available in new documents
  • themes are on the Design ribbon
    • themes incorporate style sets
  • reminder to take care of formatting after adding content
  • can change the colours of a style set
  • can turn on Style type viewer in File > Options > Advanced (for draft or outline views only)
  • choosing the "Normal" style removes formatting (can also use the Clear All Formatting icon)

Video: Headers and Footers

  • appear automatically at the top (header) or bottom (footer) of each page
  • headers and footers do not normally start on page one
  • can double click in the top or bottom margin to create
  • first page header and footer are differentiated from other headers and footers by checking the relevant option
  • new sections can have different headers and footers
  • page numbers can be inserted from the Insert ribbon
  • headers and footers automatically set a centre tab and right tab
  • Insert > Header (or Footer) > Remove to delete
  • there is also an option to differentiate odd and even pages

Word Part 4

Video: Printing Options

  • printer selection
  • number of copies
  • collation
    • 111-222-333
    • 123-123-123
  • print selection
    • all pages
    • custom
    • current page
    • selection
    • sections
      • "p1s2-p3s2" or "s2"
  • single- or double-sided
  • n pages per page
  • shrink to fit

Video: Saving Options

  • docx is default:
    • automatically compressed
    • easy correct
  • macros not enabled by default
  • save as 97-2003 for compatibility with old versions
  • RTF for compatibility with other word processors
  • save as PDF (Adobe Acrobat) to save the "look" of the document
  • save as XPS (XML Paper Specification) to save the "look" of the document
    • printable from Windows built-in viewer
  • hint: always save the Word document (docx) even if exporting to other formats
  • old versions of Word can have compatibility pack installed for compatibility with docx format
  • there is a compatibility checker
    • File > Info > Check Compatibility
  • File > Save As
    • can store remotely on OneDrive or locally on computer

Word Part 5

Video: Clipboard

  • copied material goes to the clipboard
  • see see clipboard contents, click on clipboard icon
  • clipboard buffer can hold up to 24 items
    • adding a 24th item deletes the 1st item
  • options: 
    • clipboard contents can show up automatically
  • can right-click on an item in the clipboard contents and delete it
  • can clear all items in the clipboard contents
  • can paste from other programs
  • can "paste special" to use different pasting options
    • can paste with just a link to item other document (takes up less space)
  • <Ctrl-End> movies you to end of document
  • Insert > Object > Text from Object inserts contents of entire other file (instead of copying and pasting)

Video: Symbols, Autocorrect

  • Insert > Symbol...
  • Insert > Symbol > More Symbols...
  • (c) auto-inserts ©
  • (e) auto-inserts €
  • (r) auto-inserts ®
  • (tm) auto-inserts ™
  • Check out Wingdings and Wingdings 2 (popular)
    • behave just like fonts (i.e., have font attributes)
  • auto-correct
    • i becomes I
    • other auto-correct items are in File > Options > Proofing
      • can add items to the list

Video: Fields, Properties, Autotext

  • document properties
    • author
    • tags
    • comments
    • title
    • status
    • can be inserted into document (Insert > Quick Parts > Document Property
  • Insert > Quick Parts > AutoText
    • ...to insert AutoText or add clipboard contents to AutoText repository
  • Insert > Quick Parts > Field
    • ...date, filename, filesize, etc.
    • can view "field code" by right-clicking on the field that was inserted into the document and selecting "Toggle Field Code"
    • can update the contents (e.g., date) by right-clicking and choosing "Update Field"
    • it is recommended to add "Insert Date/Time" to the quick access bar because it's easier to use and there is an option to update automatically 

Word Part 6

Video: Paragraphs

  • Show/hide function (¶) is important for seeing where paragraphs end
  • a paragraph ends with a paragraph marker (¶) 
  • can be left-, center-, or right-aligned, or fully justified
  • line spacing
  • can change indentation
    • button changes it 1/2 inch at a time
  • open paragraph dialog box for more options
    • left and right indent
    • special lets you choose what is indented (including hanging indent)
    • line spacing (including before and after)
      • Ctrl-1 is single
      • Ctrl-2 is double
      • Ctrl-5 is 1.5
  • indentation markers (important!)
    • 1st line indent
    • paragraph indent
    • hanging indent
  • Within styles...
    • right-click to modify paragraph settings for any style

Video: WordArt

  • intended for just a few words
  • Insert > WordArt
  • has drag handles for resizing
  • when selected, can change many effects:
    • colour
    • fill colour
    • border colour
    • shape effects:
      • shadow
      • reflection
      • glow
      • soft edges
      • bevel
      • 3D rotation
  • more to come...

Video: (More to Come)