Final Presentation

Note: A printable version of this document is available here.

In the presentation, you must address the following questions:
  • where did you work, and what was your role?
  • what were your favourite experiences?
  • what were your worst experiences, and what could have been done differently to improve them?
  • in terms of the essential skills and work habits, how has your co-op placement benefited you? (respond to at least three essential skills and/or work habits)
You will be presenting for 5-7 minutes, and are not to use a prepared "speech" to present. If you wish, you can use a prepared outline, a multimedia presentation, or simply respond to the questions above.

Your presentation will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • the presenter is composed and confident in front of the audience
  • the presenter projects his/her voice to the audience, speaking clearly
  • the presentation shows evidence of thought, planning, and organization
  • the presenter uses visual aids effectively
See marking rubric at