Pivot Animation

Pivot is a fun, easy to use program that is used to create stick figure animations.

To see what can be done with Pivot, have a look at some of these videos on YouTube
For home use, Pivot can be downloaded here. Simply extract the contents of the zip file, then run setup.exe and accept all the default options. An icon for Pivot will appear in your start menu.

For school use, simply run pivot.exe from the O:\Beens folder. 

Here are some tutorials that can get you started, but you'll probably find that the user interface is quite intuitive.
Assignment 1

Watch this Pivot Animator vs Animation video to learn how to take a screen shot and make it the background in Pivot. (Note: first change your screen resolution to 800x600 before taking the screen shot. Here are instructions for doing this at school. Don't forget to change your screen resolution back to normal when running Pivot.)

For your screen shot, arrange the icons on your desktop so that your character can jump (or fall) from icon to icon, then follow the instructions you just watched to take a screenshot of your desktop to load into Pivot. 

Create an animation where the stickman falls from one of your top icons to the bottom. Save as Full Name - Pivot Animation One, and copy to the relevant handin folder on the I: drive.)

The following marking scheme* will be used for these assignments:

Needs Improvement
Creativity The piece shows little or no evidence of originality The student's work lacked sincere originality  The student demonstrates originality  The student demonstrates a unique level of originality
Effort The student did not finish the project or it could be greatly improved upon The student completed the project in an acceptable manner, yet more could have been done - it lacks finishing touches The student completed the project in an acceptable manner The student gave an effort far beyond the requirements of the project
Skill with Pivot The piece showed poor craftsmanship or understanding The student showed some craftsmanship and understanding The student showed good craftsmanship and understanding The artwork is outstanding and finished with a great deal of patience
Storyline No storyline is attempted Storyline can be implied. Storyline is evident but missing one portion of beginning, middle or end Clear storyline with a beginning, middle and end
* Thanks to Mrs. DelleMonache for this rubric.

Assignment 2

For this assignment, have your stickman jumping safely from icon to icon to make it down to the bottom. 

Save as Full Name - Pivot Animation Two, and copy to the relevant handin folder on the I: drive.

Animation 3

Create an animation where a vehicle (that you create) drives from one side of the screen to the other. Have the vehicle drive over obstacles, with the wheels moving relative to the vehicle (rotating, and up/down as it moves over the obstacles).

Save as Full Name - Pivot Vehicle Animation, and copy to the relevant handin folder on the I: drive.

Assignment 4

Using any of the segments of this video as inspiration, create a video at least 10 seconds in length that is similar to, but extends the story of, one of those segments.

Save as Full Name - Animation 4, and copy to the relevant handin folder on the I: drive. 

Example Animations