Artist Profile

Create a Google Presentation slideshow similar to the one found at

In your slideshow, profile an artist or photographer whose work you find inspirational. Include a minimum of ten pieces of work, if possible, and be prepared to share your research on the artist and your thoughts and research on each of the pieces, including why you chose that piece, what's unique and/or inspirational about it, and any history you feel is relevant. 

Name your presentation "Full Name Course Code Artist Profile - Name of Artist", and share it for editing with your instructor.

For the intro to your live presentation, explain why you chose this artist or photographer and any relevant information you learned about the artist. 

For marking, consider:
  • Have you included the minimum number of pieces?
  • Have you fully researched the background of the artist?
  • Have you researched the history of each of the pieces?


Fill in this Google Doc with your artist and presentation details.