Grade 8 Day Photos and Video


Students will take pictures during the grade 8 day (November 5, 2014), edit the pictures, and produce a video to be shown at the Open House November 19.

The theme must be “Hollywood” (this is a DSBN board-wide initiative), so I’m suggesting we find an appropriate theme on Animoto.

Student Participants

Project Leader(s)

  • name 1
  • name 2


  • Lily I TGJ3M
  • Cheryl D TGJ2O
  • Maddy S TGJ2O
  • Sean R TGJ2O
  • Alyssa B TGJ2O

Photo Editors

  • Bradley i/c 
  • TGJ3M class

Video Producer & Assistant

  • Bradley 
  • Sam


  • need student volunteers; update this page with names
  • share LP with student leaders so they can update the tasks
  • lunchtime meeting to discuss plan (has to be Monday before, since I’m away Tuesday)
  • charge all batteries beforehand
  • need photo editors starting that day to review pictures ASAP for quality
  • submit all original photos to Google+ for archival purposes (Beens)
  • edit photos
  • produce video on Animoto (or somewhere else?)
  • post to YouTube (Beens, using BDSS account)
  • share URL of video via social media