As a class, we will be converting the ACSE wiki to a Google Sites website. To help facilitate this, we will use this Google Spreadsheet (sign-in req'd) to list the tasks required to do the conversion.

Each pair of students will be assigned one page. 

TGJ2O Learning Goals

  • to use Google Spreadsheets to manage the tasks and status of a major project
  • to properly save resources from a website
  • to use Communications Technology terms correctly: wiki, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, download, typography, layout, heading (A2.1)
  • use design elements (e.g., line, form, colour, texture, space) and principles (e.g., balance, rhythm, proportion, contrast, flow) in the construction of webpages (A1.2)
  • work in groups and explain the value of sharing ideas, information, resources, and expertise (A3.1)
  • describe and use techniques that encourage participation by all members of a team (e.g., brainstorming, group discussion, celebration of others' thoughts or contributions, acceptance of cultural differences) (A3.2)
  • describe and use concepts and techniques that facilitate effective collaboration in a team environment (e.g., cooperative discussion, conflict resolution techniques, motivation techniques, respect for the ideas of others) (A3.3)
  • define a problem or challenge precisely and in adequate detail, taking into account relevant contextual or background information (B2.1)
  • use idea-generating techniques such as brainstorming or clarification techniques such as situation analyses to help identify possible solutions (B2.4)


  1. For your assigned page, first of all confirm that the new page (on Google Sites) exists. If it does not, add a task to the spreadsheet stating that the page needs to be created.
  2. For each page, create a task entitled "final page sign-off" that will be signed off on once the page is complete
  3. Confirm that the contents on the page are formatted correctly, with a Table of Contents (if there are numerous sub-headings) and proper spacing. 
  4. Download all resources and copy to the relevant hand-in folder. Mr. Beens will copy these to Google Docs and post the link in the spreadsheet. Update the link on the page after the resource has been posted
  5. Your final evaluation for this project will be determined by the work you did -- both in terms of quantity and quality. To aid in this, copy the document found at and rename as "Full Name CourseCode Self-assessment". Complete the form, providing specific examples of what you did on the project. Share the document with your instructor.