CorelDraw Intro

You will find the necessary reference material in the "O:\Beens\CorelDraw Assignments" folder. 

Step 1

Read "coreldraw_10_module_1_-_screen_layout" and "coreldraw_10_module_1_-_tool_bar" to get an overview of the tools and some tips about the toolbar.

Step 2

Read "coreldraw_10_module_2_-_pick_tool.pdf" to learn some basic about the Pick tool, then draw and a drawing similar to the one on the final page. Submit as "Pick Tool Assignment" and hand in the relevant handin folder.

Step 3

Read "coreldraw_10_module_3_-_text_tool.pdf" to learn the basics of working with text. Save a file demonstrating each of the "Artistic Text", "Text Outline", and "Converting Text to Curves" activities.

See your instructor when you've gotten these finished...