Independent Project

(this page superseded by Getting Started)

Step #1 is to first tell me what your intentions are by filling in the Project Planner document (sign-in req'd). In your plan, be as specific as you can be about what you will be handing in at the end of your project.

Once you have your ePortfolio created, create a page entitled "Independent Project(s)" (as appropriate). On this page, create a major heading with the name of your project.

Under that, create a section entitled "Project Details", and list as many technical details as possible about your project (links to resources, target length of video, software to be used, etc.).

Create another section entitled "Project Timeline", and list the dates you worked on your project together with the specific tasks performed.

Create another section entitled "Project Skills and/or Knowledge Developed", and list a minimum of 10 specific "I can" statements detailing the skills and/or knowledge developed or attained.

Lastly, include a copy of your project. For details on how to do this, see your instructor.