Photography Activity Packs

The following activity packages contain a series of questions and activities that correspond to the eBook Essential Photography Skills (sign-in req'd) and accompanying videos. 

Each package is to be printed off and completed as you read the eBook and watch the corresponding video.  

In each activity pack you will see signature blocks ("[    ]") that require you see the instructor before continuing. It is important that you do this so your instructor can track your progress and ensure you are grasping the intended concepts.

For some of the activities in the activity packs, you will be taking photos which will be posted to the BDSS Comm Tech Flickr group. Before you can do this, you will need to create a Flickr account and add Mr. Beens (pbeens) as a contact, who will then send you an invitation to join the group. 

(My thanks to Suzie Hoeg, a student in my TGJ4M Communications Technology class, who created these activity packs as one of her independent projects.)

Activity Packs
  1. Introduction
  2. How Cameras Work
  3. Exposures and F-stops
  4. Light 
  5. Lenses and Optics
  6. Aperture and Depth of Field
  7. Shutter Speed
  8. ISO
  9. Composition and Inspiration
Resources used in the Activity Packs
For other teachers interested in using these assignments, the eBook resource and videos must be purchased here and here for a very moderate $9.90 and $39.80, respectively. Brent Mail, the author, was very kind in allowing me to share the single copy of my eBook and videos with my classes, and I'm sure would extend the offer to others.