First Things First...

If you have not already done the Camera Assignment, do so first.

If you have not already created a flickr account, do so, then add pbeens as a contact. You will then be sent an invitation to join the BDSS Comm Tech flickr group

After you have joined the class flickr group, complete the Join a Flickr Group assignment. 

If you do not already have a program for resizing large quantities of digital photos (such as Adobe Lightroom), download and install Picasa from (also available in O:\Beens\downloads folder). This will be used for resizing your photos for submission. 

Install Bulk Rename Utility (see Software for Home Use or install from O:\Beens\downloads) to rename your photos.

We will be scheduling either a half day or full day for the photowalk, depending on the location. Be sure your camera is fully charged, and if you have spare batteries, be sure they are also fully charged. (Ditto for flash batteries, if you are bringing a flash [optional]). Be sure you have sufficient memory space available on your memory cards for at least 100 pictures. 


The following will be done after the photowalk.

TEACHER DEMO: show how to rename files using Bulk Rename Utility.

Rename all your photo files so they have "FirstnameLastinitial" before the number and the Modified (Current) date after the number (e.g., JosephS 1145_20151119.jpg). Submit 1024 pixel copies of your renamed photos to the relevant handin folder. This is to be done at the beginning of class the day after the photowalk.

TEACHER DEMO: show how to use Picasa to edit, tag (w/ Scavenger Hunt categoryFirstnameLastinitial).

Edit photos, if necessary (cropping, contrast, colour, framing, etc.). Tag your photos with the relevant scavenger hunt category and your FirstnameLastinitial.

CLASS ACTIVITY: submit, view and rate each of the photos on a 1-5 scale.

TEACHER DEMO: show how upload photos to flickr, then add photos to BDSS Comm Tech group.

After the photowalk, edit, then upload at least five of your best photos to the 
flickr group photo pool BestFive Photos Google Site. You can upload them privately into your flickr account if you like -- Even though they're private we will be able to see them in our group if you add them. Be sure you clean the pictures (straighten, brightness, contrast, cropping, etc.) up the way you want (in Picasa, Photoshop Elements, etc.) before uploading.

TEACHER DEMO: show how to add entry and photo to discussion area in our flickr group.

Pick your best photo and add it to the "Post your best Photowalk picture here!" discussion area in our flickr group.