Create a Podcast

After you have created your Podcasting Presentation and gotten a feel for what podcasts are all about, you will be creating your own podcast on a topic of your choice (but please get it approved!). (Fill in this form with the topic information) [teacher link]

First, create a script in Google Documents named "Full Name Course Code Podcast Script" and share it (as editor) with your instructor. The number of words in your script is not critical, but your podcast should end up being between one and five minutes in length (not including any opening or closing credits or jingles).

Next, record your podcast using Audacity (or any other program of your choice).

You will then use a short portion of a song (for less marks) or create a jingle (for maximum marks) that you will use at the opening of your podcast. (Audacity can also be used for this.)

Submit your podcast to the relevant handin folder. Be sure it is named "Full Name Title Podcast", where Title is the title of the podcast.

Note: You may also benefit from the resources linked to from here: Free Audio Programs