Practical Test (Web Design, Photoshop)

For this test, create a folder named "Full Name - Practical Test". All files for this test must be in this folder.

Create 2 web pages, named default.htm and page2.htm. Be sure the titles for each page are appropriate.

On the first page, create a 600x150 pixel centered banner containing your full name and the background texture given out by your instructor (see below).

Below the 1st page banner, create a link to Page 2.

On page 2, include a jpg image created in PSE, 600 x 400 pixels. On this image, superimpose a photo you found on flickr that has a creative commons license that allows derivatives to be made (i.e. avoid "no derivatives" licenses) onto the background texture specified below. (Be sure the image is actually 600 x 400 pixels, not a resized image.) Apply a filter to 

Make the image a link, so that if a user clicks on the image they will be linked to the Photoshop file used to create the jpg image. The Photoshop file should show that layers were used to create the final image.

Below the image, create a link to the location of the flickr image you chose so the copyright can be checked.

When finished, copy and paste your entire folder into the relevant hand-in folder.

Background texture: We are using the texture found at Click on the image to view or download the large size. (Many thanks to peshovski for releasing this texture under the Creative Commons license)