Magazine Cover

Use Google Images to search for a magazine cover you would like to use for inspiration for this assignment.

Using either CorelDraw, Photoshop Elements, or Microsoft Publisher, create a magazine cover similar to the cover you have chosen.

The main image for your cover will be a photograph of one of the actors or actresses in the play. The link for the photographs will be shared with you via email.

Submit each to the relevant hand-in folder:
  • your final magazine cover in its raw file format (CorelDraw, MS Publisher, PhotoShop)
  • the exported jpeg image, in a size suitable for projecting
  • a copy of the original image found on Google Images that you used for your inspiration
Be sure each file is named so it can be identified properly. 

This assignment will be marked for compliance with the above requirements, likeness to the magazine cover chosen to copy, aesthetics, and technique (use of layers, etc.).