Abstract Yin-Yang Heart Image

Your objective is to create a graphic that will be used in the "Love Hurts" play.

Create an "abstract" graphic in Photoshop Elements 1200 pixels wide by 900 pixels high named "Full Name Yin-Yang Heart".

For your image, you will need yin-yang and heart symbols. Look at websites that are licensed as creative commons or public domain for these symbols, and be sure to record the addresses of the websites where you obtained the symbols that you use (so you can provide proper credit).

The effect that they are after in the play is a symbol with the yin-yang symbol "in" the heart.

For your graphic, your are required to use as least one special effect that you learned about when doing the Photoshop Effects Tutorial Website Review assignment. Be sure to record which website you use for your effect(s).

At the end of the period, copy your image into the "20100312 Abstract Yin-Yang Heart" folder on the I drive. Also provide a HTML file named "Full Name Yin-Yang Heart.htm" with details of the sources of your symbols. (be sure links to the sources work).

You will be marked for overall effort, artistry, and compliance with the specific requirements above.