Getting Started

  • demonstration: Watch a demonstration from your instructor on how to use Dreamweaver CS3 to administer a website. (The process you will learn here has to be repeated each day because the computers in the lab are "deep freezed", so watch carefully!
  • demonstration: Watch a demonstration of how to search for and save creative commons-licensed images from flickr.
  • Create a folder in your TGJ2O folder on your M drive named "portfolio". All portfolio contents will be saved here.
  • Open Dreamweaver CS3 (not CS4!), and create and save a page named "default.htm" in the portfolio folder. This will be your main page from which all other portfolio pages will be linked.
  • Create and save a page named "test.htm" in your portfolio folder. In this document, do the following:
    • Create various headings, similar to the "styles" you would use in a word processor. Be sure your title is "heading 1" and your sub-headings are appropriate for any content you add to the page.
    • Create some text with various colours and styles such as superscript and subscript, exactly as shown here:
    • Create a folder named "Images" for any images you will be including in your portfolio.
    • Find and save two sizes of a creative commons-licensed photo from flickr in your images folder. One must be "thumbnail" sized, and the other must be large. Rename the photos accordingly to designate their sizes.
    • Create a heading 2-level heading "Image Test". Insert the thumbnail image saved above, and have it (the image itself) link to the large version.
    • Include a link under the thumbnail to the source of the image so I can check that the image is creative commons licensed. (i.e. link to the main flickr page for the image, not the download page). 
Note: This HTML cheat sheet may come in handy during this and future assignments: