Leadership and Peer Support (GPP3O1)

The course outline will follow the items listed below. Pay attention to deadlines! 

Assignment 1 - Application

Print and complete the application found here. Bring it to Mr. Beens (rm. 3-109) when it is complete. Look for a white basket near the front of the room to hand it into.

Assignment 2 - Email

Start by sending me an email so I get your correct email address. This will be the primary way I contact you about assignments and to send you mark updates. My email address is pbeens@gmail.com.

Please put "GPP3O1" (that's an "O", like in "Oh", not a zero) in the subject of all emails to me so they don't end up in my spam filter!

In this email, tell me what your general interests and career goals are, and why you want to be placed in the classroom where you will be peer tutoring. This doesn't have to be an essay!

Assignment 3- Course Overview

Read the course overview. Contact me if you have any questions.

Weekly Log Sheets

For each week, you will be required to fill in a log sheet, with details for each day. The log sheet can be downloaded from here. If you need to, you are welcome to come into my room (3-109) to print them.

Note that all log sheets are due by noon the following Monday. Late marks will be deducted beyond that. My recommendation is to hand them in at the end of your peer tutoring class every Friday. I would also recommend that you get in the habit of filling them in at the end of class every day.

Log sheets will be marked for completeness, legibility, grammar/spelling, accuracy, and being handed in on-time. Note that you are to use complete sentences for your log sheets, not point form!

The log sheets will correspond with the following weeks:

#1 - week starting Feb 1
#2 - week starting Feb 7
#3 - week starting Feb 14
#4 - week starting Feb 21
#5 - week starting Feb 28
#6 - week starting Mar 7
#7 - week starting Mar 21
#8 - week starting Mar 28
#9 - week starting Apr 4
#10 - week starting Apr 11
#11 - week starting Apr 18
#12 - week starting Apr 25
#13 - week starting May 2
#14 - week starting May 9
#15 - week starting May 16
#16 - week starting May 23
#17 - week starting May 30
#18 - week starting Jun 6
#19 - week starting Jun 13

Note: journals more than two weeks late will not be marked; only the hours will be recorded.

Assignment 4 - Confidentiality

The confidentiality assignment is available for printing here. The Confidentiality assignment is due with log #1.

Assignment 5 - Online Questionnaire

Once you know where you are placed, fill in this questionnaire. All information is kept confidential. [teacher link]

Assignment 6 - Job Description

The Job Description assignment is available for printing here. The Job Description assignment is due with log #1.

Assignment 7 - Code Name

After the first week or so, see Mr. Beens for your "code name". You will need to know this for when the marks get emailed out.

Assignment 8 - Safety Plan

The Safety Plan assignment is available for printing here. The Safety Plan is due with log #1. Note: there isn't a dedicated spot on the top of the form for your name, so please either make sure I can read your signature or print your name somewhere on the form.

Assignment 9 - Health and Safety 101

The Health and Safety 101 assignment is available for printing here. The Health and Safety assignment is due with log #2.

[teacher resource link (sign-in req'd)]

Assignment 10 (Test) - Health and Safety

Print and complete this Health and Safety Test. The Health and Safety Test is due with log #3.

Assignment 11 - Bullying/Cyberbullying

This assignment can be viewed here. The article referred to in the assignment is available here. This assignment is due with log #5. 

Assignment 12 - Learning Styles

The assignment can be viewed here. Note that there are two parts to the assignment, and that they are to be handed in separately. 
The assignments are both due with log #7.

Assignment 13 - Leadership

The assignment can be viewed here. Note that the questions to be answered are on the last page. This assignment is due with log #8.

Assignment 14 - Conflict Resolution

The assignment can be viewed here. The assignment is to be completed and submitted electronically, as described in the assignment, and is due with log #11.

Assignment 15 - Communication Skills

The assignment can be viewed here. It is to be completed and submitted electronically, as described in the assignment, and is due with log #14

For those without Google accounts, you can view and download the assignment from here

[teacher resource link (sign-in req’d)]

Teaching Assignment (Summative)

Part 1

Arrange a meeting with your classroom placement teacher during the week of May 30. 

Decide on the following:
  • The specific topic and curriculum objectives (ask your teacher for a copy of the curriculum expectations or go to the Ministry of Education website.
  • The format of your lesson.
  • The time frame and date you will be teaching your lesson.
  • The lesson, including a step-by-step description of the sequence of activities and tasks you will lead the students through.
  • Evaluation method(s): how you will test your students' understanding of the ideas and objectives of your lesson.
Complete the Lesson Plan in rough, including specific expectations. (use this lesson plan template)

Meet with Mr. Beens during the week of June 6 to discuss your lesson plan.

Part 2

Teach your lesson. Make sure the classroom teacher has a copy of the evaluation checklist

Hand in to Mr. Beens:
  • your lesson plan
  • your teaching assignment reflection
  • any handouts or other lesson resources
  • the evaluation checklist
Note that this assignment is worth 25% of your final mark.

The deadline for this assignment is June 17th.