ICS4U Research Assignments

  • Gather list of website resources
  • Diigo bookmarks
    • Create an account at Diigo and join our class Diigo group. For any AI resources you learn about online, save them in Diigo and add them to the class list of bookmarks. Be sure you include the following tags in each of the bookmarks: "ICS ICSxx AppInventor", and any other tags you feel are relevant (like YouTube, video, tutorial, a component name, etc.
    • For each of the bookmarks identified above, rate the usefulness of the resource to this class with a rating of 1-5, then substantiate your rating with a short reason why (30>words<100).
  • Get App Inventor working on Mac
  • Document the process used to get App Inventor working on the Mac (in detail!). This document will be shared with other teachers, so be sure it is well organized, is clearly written, includes precise details, and has perfect grammar and spelling. 
  • Challenge 1 - toggle text on button.
  • Component Research
  • http://appinventor.googlelabs.com/learn/tutorials/index.html ???
  • Survey