Hamlet, Analysis of

  1. Download Hamlet.txt to your working folder.
  2. Open the document and observe that it includes the character names when they speak, such as "Ber.", "Fran.", and "Mar."
  3. Assignment 1:
    1. Write a program that detects these character names from the text file and compiles them into a list named "namesList".
      Hint: each of these names is preceded by a blank line, is the only word on the line, and ends with a period.
    2. Sort the list, delete any duplicates, and print the names to the screen one-at-a-time to ensure there are no errors. 
  4. Assignment 2:
    1. Write a program that determines the average sentence length of this version of Hamlet, where the assumption is a sentence ends with either a period or an exclamation mark. 
    2. Do not include items that are part of a footnote (designated as "[....]" in this file) or anything included within underscores ("_").
  5. See your instructor for the next step...