Will This Hamper Your Thinking? (POTW)

From http://cemc.uwaterloo.ca/resources/potw/2012-13/POTWB-12-NN-04-P.pdf, used with permission.

Matt, the Coordinator at the local emergency food hamper program, noticed the following trends:
  • typically 200 hampers were distributed on Mondays;
  • on Tuesdays 40 fewer hampers were distributed than on Mondays;
  • on Wednesdays there was another peak, with 1.3 times Tuesday's volume;
  • on Thursdays the number of hampers distributed was usually 3/4 of Monday's volume;
  • on Fridays 50% of Thursday's volume was distributed.
In a typical week, how many food hampers were distributed? Write your program showing the calculations for each day, and then sum the total with a formula like:

totalHampers = mon + tue + wed + thu + fri

Submit as "Full Name CourseCode Hampers".