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Flowcharting Research

Find and research a unique (to your class) topic related to flowcharting. It can be a program on the web, a free program, or a tutorial website related to flowcharting.

Register your topic here to ensure it has not already been taken by a classmate. 

Create a presentation at of your research. Ensure your presentation is public and you have enabled "reuse" so others can adapt your presentation for their own use. Register the URL of your presentation here so your instructor can share the address with your classmates.

After each presentation, you will be asked to submit a question to each presenter about their presentation, as well as provide input to the test that will be assigned at the end of the unit. [Instructor spreadsheet]

Marking Requirements
  • comprehensive; no information seems lacking (4)
  • creativity, including varied content such as screenshots and opinions (4)
  • aesthetics (3)
  • overall organization (3)
  • clarity of speech (2)
  • pace of presentation/speech (2)
  • properly shared (1)
  • perfect spelling and grammar (1)
  • relevance to class (1)
  • all references cited (1)
(Instructor marking sheet)