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ICS3x Exploring Computer Science

(Also see ICS Careers Assignments [forthcoming])


D3. explain key aspects of the impact that emerging technologies have on society;D2. demonstrate an understanding of emerging areas of computer science research;
D3.1 explain how emerging technologies can affect personal rights and privacy (e.g. video surveillance, cyberbullying, identity theft); 

D3.2 describe some emerging technologies and their implications for, and potential uses by, various members of society;

D3.3 describe some of the solutions to complex problems affecting society that have been or are being developed through the use of advanced computer programming and emerging technologies (e.g., monitoring and regulating electrical supply and demand; using facial recognition programs to verify the identity of persons entering a country; analysing criminal activity by overlaying crime data on satellite imagery; analysing large-scale meteorological data to predict catastrophic storms).
D2.1 demonstrate an understanding of emerging areas of research in computer science (e.g., cryptography, parallel processing, distributed computing, data mining, artificial intelligence, robotics, computer vision, image processing, human–computer interaction, security, geographic information systems [GIS]);

D2.2 demonstrate an understanding of an area of collaborative research between computer science and another field (e.g., bioinformatics, geology, economics, linguistics, health informatics, climatology, sociology, art);

D2.3 report on an area of research related to computer science, using an appropriate format (e.g., website, presentation software, video).

Possible Research Topics/Sources

For a list of potential research topics and sources, visit here.

Students, register your research topic here 

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Students will brainstorm criteria and marks for the evaluation of the research projects/presentations. For 2009-2010, the criteria and marks are here.