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ICS4x Exploring Computer Science

(Also see ICS Careers Assignments [forthcoming])


D3. Emerging Technologies - investigate and report on emerging computer technologies and their potential impact on society and the economy;D3. Emerging Technologies and Society - analyse the impact of emerging computer technologies on society and the economy;
D4. Exploring Computer Science - research and report on different areas of research in computer science, and careers related to computer science.
D3.1 describe the evolution of some emerging programming languages;

D3.2 investigate and report on innovations in information technology (e.g., webcasting, VoIP, multiplayer online gaming) and their potential impact on society and the economy;

D3.3 describe programming requirements for a variety of emerging technologies (e.g., web programming, smartphones, embedded systems).
D3.1 explain the impact of a variety of emerging technologies on various members of society and on societies and cultures around the world and on the economy; 

D3.2 investigate an emerging technology and produce a report using an appropriate format (e.g., technical report, website, presentation software, video).

D4.1 report on some areas of collaborative research between computer science and other fields (e.g., bioinformatics, geology, economics, linguistics, health informatics, climatology, sociology, art), on the basis of information found in industry publications (e.g., from the ACM and IEEE);

D4.2 investigate a topic in theoretical computer science (e.g., cryptography, graph theory, logic, computability theory, attribute grammar, automata theory, data mining, artificial intelligence, robotics, computer vision, image processing), and produce a report, using an appropriate format (e.g., website, presentation software, video);

Possible Research Topics/Sources

For a list of potential research topics and sources, visit here.

Students, register your research topic here (sign-in req'd)


Students will brainstorm criteria and marks for the evaluation of the research projects/presentations. For 2009-2010, the criteria and marks are here.