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Monsters Deconstruction



Step 1

  • Download the reference to a folder named "Monsters".
  • Download and extract the body parts to the same folder. You can safely delete the zip file once you have extracted the SVG files.
Step 2

  • Using Inkscape, construct a random face by dragging and dropping one each of a head, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.
  • Save the file as "FName LInitial.svg: (e.g., "JohnD.svg") and copy to the relevant handin folder.
Step 3

  • You will be assigned one of the random faces to "deconstruct", meaning you will identify, using the Body Parts Reference downloaded previously, to identify and list each of the body parts.
  • As an example, the face shown below would be deconstructed as follows:

    • head: Wackus
    • eyes: Vegitas
    • nose: Vegitas
    • mouth: Vegitas
    • ears: Spritem

  • Using this Google Doc (sign-in req'd), enter your name and head details in the location you are assigned by the instructor. [master template]

Step 4

  • You will be assigned a numbered face from the above Google Doc to reconstruct in Inkscape. Create this face, then save it in the relevant handin folder. (Note: some resizing of body parts may be necessary.)