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GG | Interactive Lessons

Programming Basics > Visual Studio Basics

  • Watch the videos, paying special attention to:
    • how to open a project (sln) file
    • the Solution Explorer
    • how to open various windows such Output, Errors, and the Solution Explorer from the View menu
    • how to build and run your program
  • For the exercise folder, rename as "00 vs-primer". Submit to the relevant handin folder after successfully running.

Programming Basics > Your First Program

  • Watch the videos, paying special to:
    • how to create a new Monogame Windows project
    • how to run an empty project to make sure there are no errors
    • what is automatically creating when creating an empty Monogame program
    • identify the comments in the code, and know how to add your own
    • why comments are important
    • the difference between blue and white text in the editor
    • some reasons why your program might crash
    • how to add content to our project
    • how to change properties of content files
    • we can find where the templates are stored (Tools > Options > Projects and Solutions)
  • When creating your exercise program, name the project "01 GameName1". Modify the program so the output looks like the screenshot below. Note that the text, the colour, and the x-position are different than the tutorial.

  • Submit your entire project folder to the relevant handin folder.
  • Note: read the text at the bottom of the exercise carefully to understand the code you have added. 

Programming Basics > Your First Program (Extra Credit)

  • If you decide to do this please do not overwrite your previous project files. Create as "01 GameName2".


This tutorial series is no longer being created due to too many problems the students were experiencing with Visual Studio on our school network.

Programming Basics > Exercises

  • This section is not yet complete. For now, just watch the videos and do the exercise(s) as presented.

  • Watch the videos, paying special to:
    • commenting
    • tips and tricks in the editor
    • the relevance of the "program.cs" file