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ICS Daybook (period 3)

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All items are for ICS3x unless indicated otherwise.

Pd 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Feb 08 1st day!
-Overview of course
All:Administrivia (Day 1)

-4U:Python challenge demo
-Adobe Color
-Email assignments due
-3x:CS Circles Tutorial (backup: Hour of Python)
-4U:Grade 12 Review Demonstration
FYI: MarkBook Printouts

-3x:CS Circles cont'd
-4U:review cont'd
-3x:CS Circles cont'd
-4U:review cont'd
Early Release Day
Per 3 10:40am – 11:25am

-3x:CS Circles cont'd
-4U:review cont'd

Feb 15 Family Day *** Snow Day ***

-3x:CS Circles status

-Tim 4U presentation
-Brandon/Paul 4U presentation -Attention:no peanuts in class

-3x:submit Turtle programs

-3x:finish PyGame

Feb 22 -Wes 4U review presentation -3x:CCC 2015 J1
-4U: Python DocTest - apply to J1 above

4U:hand in PythonChallenges sol'ns (look for folder) and test solution for yesterday's assignment (saved as 'ccc 2015'
-4U:assist grade 11's with their J2 challenge (below)
-4U:CCC 2015 S1 (text files)
-3x:see string count example to help solve next challenge
-3x:CCC 2015 J2
-3x:continue with CS Circles
-3x:submit ccc 2015 challenges?
-3x:priority: challenges on CS Circles page
-Learn Python in one Video!

-3x:review marks
-3x:CS Circles challenges cont'd

-4U:adapt a BCC question to ICS3 
Feb 29 -#acse16
-Taylor 4U presentation
-4U:BCC Survey
-4U:BCC, PythonChallenges (1st 5)
-Swift course
-Sam 4U presentation
-BCC group challenges
-4U:ECOO 2015 Round 3 (in groups of 2)
#OnStorm 3x:See my email for new challenges; submit in "Python Workbook" handin folder as you finish them
3x:CS Circles being marked tomorrow
4U:presenting BCC tomorrow
4U:CCC 2015 Sr problems (all)
-Hackintosh presentation

-CS Circles marks

-4U:BCC presentations
Mar 07 -3x: continue with Python Workbook assignments

-4x: continue with CCC 2015 Sr problemse
-continued from yesterday -cont'd -program header req'ts
-review marks
-ICS3x:finish first 6 assignments in the Python Workbook slides
-ICS3x:continue with CS Circles, units 9,10,13,14 after 7 is done.
-ICS4x:continue with CCC 2015 Sr problems. (don't look at others' solutions!) Submit to the new handin folder.
Mar 14 March Break March Break March Break March Break March Break
Mar 21 Supply Teacher Instructions:specific & general

-3x/4u: don't forget to use proper headers on all your programs! 

-3x: added sections 8 and 11 to CS Circles
-3x:Consecutive Numbers (POTW)
-3x:Calculate Average (updated this morning, so if you've already done it you'll have to revise it)
-3x:DSBN 2014 Challenge questions (all A level)
-3x:DSBN 2015 Challenge questions (all A level)

-4x:DSBN 2014 Challenge questions (all B and C level)
-4x:DSBN 2015 Challenge questions (all B and C level)

-cont'd from yesterday FYI: (Looks cool - I've subscribed)

-cont'd from yesterday
-make sure you have headers on all the programs you've written. If you need to resubmit fixed programs, submit with a new revision number.
-cont'd from yesterday Good Friday
Mar 28 Easter Monday -Competition prep -cont'd Literacy Test DSBN ECOO Programming Competition

(no class)
Apr 04 -past ECOO challenges -cont'd -cont'd -cont'd Continue with:
-3x:DSBN 2014 Challenge questions (all A level)
-3x:DSBN 2015 Challenge questions (all A level)

-4x:DSBN 2014 Challenge questions (all B and C level)
-4x:DSBN 2015 Challenge questions (all B and C level)

...then work on 2013 challenges

Be sure they are all submitted for marking.

Optional: investigate how the Pycharm debugger works.
Apr 11 -The magic ingredient that brings Pixar movies to life -CS Circles 9-10
-Printing Dollars Demo
ICS3x priorities:
-CS Circles to the end of #14
-Python Workbook challenges
-the rest of the challenges in our list

ICS4x priorities:
-the challenges in our list

-FYI:5 Traits Creative People Have That Most People Will Never Understand

-cont'd from yesterday. 
PD Day
 Apr 18-assignments cont'd-assignments cont'd-assignments cont'd-assignments cont'd-assignments cont'd
Apr 25 -Goals and Reminders in Google Calendar
-Converting Hex to Int
-BDSICS Tweets
-ICS Assignments Journal

-sign up for iOS course on Udemy
-assignments cont'd
-assignments cont'd (stay on task!) -assignments cont'd ECOO Tomorrow!

-assignments cont'd
May 02 -ECOO 2016 Regional -Cypher Shift: watch video, do assignments (ICS3 in groups of 2, ICS4 alone) ECOO 2016 Regional CC+ cont'd -Python DocTest discussion
-3U-String Assignments
-4U:Python Style Guide

Drake, see me.
-3x: Python test (if, string functions)
-4x: Python test (string slicing, looping, palindromes)
May 09 -3x:CS Circles if not done
String Assignments
-3x,4U:assignments cont'd (4U: all "B's" first)

-cont'd from yesterday -cont'd from yesterday -presentation (Mr. Wilts) -Write down two interesting things you learned during yesterday’s presentation. Be prepared to share them with the class on Monday
-FYI:great Python videos and book
-3x:CS Circles if not done
String Assignments
-3x,4U:assignments cont'd (4U: all "B's" first)
May 16 -cont'd -FYI: Google Spaces | blog
-Google I/O  -Final project idea: Firebase
-Final project idea: BigQuery
-Final project idea: Python Big Data
-Nathan's tKinter slideshow (and ICS4U assignment)
-ICS4U: Swift: Apple tutorial | Udemy course
May 23 Victoria Day All-Brock paperwork
All:final projects
4U:Swift (screencastify one basic concept to share; complete one tutorial and review)
-contest prep and projects -contest prep and projects Brock competition (class cancelled)
May 30 Today's video instructions 

-FYI: great Python videos: Python for Informatics
-FYI: Coding With Python : Learn API Basics to Grab Data with Python
-4U Swift projects due (Upload Screencastify video to Google Drive and share with class email list. Be prepared to share your Swift experience with the class.)
-All: work on final projects:
+Create and update your Mindomo mind map with all your thoughts about your final project. Don't worry about the format of your mind map -- just put down all your thoughts, no matter how random! 
+Note: not everyone has shared the Google Drive final project folder with me. Do so today! 
-MagPi Pygame edition
-project idea (ICS3C?): landscape (see me)
-final project interviews
-Swift presentations
-final project interviews
-MagPi magazine
-final projects cont'd
-final projects cont'd
Jun 06 -final projects cont'd -final projects cont'd -final projects cont'd -final projects cont'd -final projects cont'd
Jun 13 -final projects cont'd -final projects cont'd -final projects cont'd -final projects cont'd -final projects cont'd (due beginning of class Monday, with Screencastify video)
-don't forget to make sure all internal documentation is complete, and Google Drive has all your revisions.
Jun 20 -Course Evaluation 
-Learning Skills & Work Habits self-evaluation 
-review final course submissions
--Interview times Exams Exams Exams
Jun 27 Exams Summer Vacation!

Miscellaneous Links

ICS Reminders

Old Daybook

 Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
Feb 2

-reminder: use Google Keep  [video]
email assignment due
-3x:CS Circles cont'd
-4U:review demo, challenge website cont'd
-3x:CS Circles cont'd
-4U:review demo, challenge website cont'd
Feb 9 -Cool Tech reminder

Admin cont'd (day 3)

-3x:CS Circles cont'd
-4U:election disucussion, planning
Admin cont'd (day 4)

-4U:review presentations

-3x:CS Circles cont'd
-CS jobs (article) [teacher link]
-essential Chrome extensions (from day 3 admin)
-3x:CS Circles cont'd
-4U presentations cont'd
-double-check remind101 subscribers, Google Group subscribers
Early Release Day
Feb 16

-FYI: "daybook feature"
-Cool Tech reminder
-create startup folder
-3x:CS Circles cont'd
-4U:finish creating program to create input random input data
-3x:CS Circles cont'd
-4U:finish creating program to create input random input data (see my doc update)
-3x:CS Circles cont'd
-4U:finish creating program to create input random input data (see update in our GDoc)

Feb 23
3x:various CS CIrcles demos (by request)
4U:finish creating program to create input random input data (see my doc update)
3x:various CS Circles demos (by request)
FYI: Collabedit 

3x:Rolling Along challenge cont'd (1000 simulations; output percent odd and even)

3x:finish and submit Rolling Along
3x:CS Circles cont'd

3x:CS Circles due

Mar 2 3x:text messaging,hamper, transister due beginning of class
3x:class discussion & demo:Out of the Shade
3M:CS Circles and challenges cont'd
All:Attitude challenge (need to add to CS page)

Cool Tech: Taylor
Pony Up! (POTW)

Mar 9 round(10/3.0, 2)

3M:POTW doc
4C:hand in all C# tutorials; cont'd
4U:hand in progress; challenges cont'd
3M:Pony Up--this time randomly pick four of five horses and count how many iterations it takes to get to within 0.1% of theoretical. 

-3U, 4U:pre-1999 ECOO challenges (start at top)
-3C, 4C:research/experiment with C# to write a program that randomly moves the "Click me to win!" button when the cursor approaches it. Save as "winnerButton"

Mar 23 3U-ECOO Pre-1999 cont'd
4C-Visual Studio cont'd
4U-independent projects cont'd

Mar 30 3U-ECOO challenges cont'd
4C-recommended Python videos
4U-independent projects cont'd
ECOO Contest Today
-FYI:Ontario Offers Tips For Safe Surfing cont'd
3U-CS circles & ECOO challenges cont'd
4C-recommended Python videos & experiment with Pygame
4U-<absent> cont'd
3U-ECOO challenges cont'd (choose challenge together)
4U-independent projects cont'd

Apr 6
Did you submit your Cool Tech topic? cont'd

3U-ECOO challenges cont'd (choose challenge together)
4U-independent projects cont'd

Optional: investigate Turtle Graphics in Python cont'd
3U-Letter Frequency
4U-NumPy investigation

3C-GG Interactive courses
3U-Fibonacci’s Rabbits
4C-GG Interactive courses
4U-prep for ECOO

-Cool Tech presentations

-ECOO 2012-1 Baseball Challenge

Apr 13 Test tomorrow
-Cool Tech cont'd (w/ demo of sending email to class)

-test 3C/4C | 3U | 4U

3C, 4C:GGI
3U:challenges cont'd
4U:independent cont'd
-cont'd -cont'd
Apr 20 3C,4C-GGI cont'd

4U-contest prep cont'd

3C,4C-GGI Tutorial (new page) 
(Taylor, see my email about the path possibly being too long)
3U-string assignments cont'd
4U-contest prep cont'd

Stay on task!
3C,4C-GGI cont'd
3U-string assignments cont'd
4U-contest prep cont'd

3C,4C:GGI cont'd? No
3U-string assignments cont'd
4U-contest prep cont'd
3C,3U,4C-submit progress today for marking
All:marks review
3C:Processing cont'd
3U:Weighty Words challenge

Apr 27 3C,4C:Processing cont'd
3U:XO Square

3U:submit weighty words & XO Square challenge ( challenges folder)

3C,4C:Processing cont'd
3U:Lucky Sum challenge
4U:Brock competition prep

3U,4U:updated resources (bookmark and check out TOC)
3C,4C:Processing cont'd
3U:Software Solution challenge
3U:Attitude challenge
4U:Brock competition prep
3U,4U:ECOO Regional Challenges: Problem 1: The Interlace Cypher
3C,4C:Processing cont'd
May 4 All:5 minute organize (wkly)
All:FYI-for supplemental python challenge: Interactive Python Course at Coursera
Landscape in Processing (req'ts)
3U:need help adding new challenges
3U,4U:python  challenge website challenges
3U:Python Challenges website cont'd
3C,4C:landscape cont'd
4U:independent GUI program

3U: Python challenges website cont'd, if stuck go to
3C,4C: watch for loop video
3C,4C: landscape cont'd
4U: GUI project cont'd
All: cont'd from yesterday Lunch Club Monday

-My tweets from conference
3U: demo of finished programs
3C: Landscapes due

May 11 Lunch Club

3U, 4U:
-Python challenges & Project Euler collaboration

3C, 4C:
-looping demo in Processing
3U, 4U:

3C, 4C:
-landscapes cont'd
3U, 4U:

3C, 4C:
-landscapes cont'd
3U, 4U:

3C, 4C:
-landscapes cont'd
PA Day
May 18 Victoria Day 3U, 4U:
-Euler cont'd

3C, 4C:
-landscapes cont'd
-no class today -Brock 2014 contest (PDF)

-contest Tuesday.  [teacher link]

May 25 3U, 4U:
-review Python references for competition tomorrow

landscapes cont'd


(no class)

3U, 4U:
-Brock 2015 q's

landscapes cont'd
cont'd cont'd
Jun 1 Final Projects Discussion/Research

-Final Projects

Note: save daily revisions so I can see your progress
Final projects cont'd -FYI: Pi
-Final projects cont'd 
(Don't forget to save daily versions of your files so I can see your progress. Also put ALL your resource links in the Google Doc)
Final projects cont'd

Jun 8 Final projects cont'd

Final projects cont'd

Final projects cont'd Final projects cont'd Final projects cont'd
Jun 15 Final projects cont'd -Assembly schedule

Final projects cont'd

-Course Evaluation 
-Work Habits Self Evaluation

Final projects cont'd

Last day
Period 1 Exams Period 2 Exams
 Jun 22 Period 3 Exams

-interview times [tchr link]
Period 4 Exams

Jun 29

-tutorials & challenges cont'd

Doc Testing
-4U:functions assignments

-Hour of Code (check for email to join class)

-review pre-course Q's
-All:organizer tips (sign-in req'd)

-4U: Chromatic Scale challenge (and discussion)

-Turing Landscape show-and-tell
-Cool Tech reminder
-determine Landscape "test" criteria
Don't Fence Me in Challenge (sign-in req'd)
-Binary chairs lesson

The Importance of Programming (video)
-4U:discussion of where Pony challenge goes on challenges page.

-programming challenges
-programming challenges cont'd
ECOO groups (teacher link)

-CS circles & challenges cont'd
ECOO 2013: Take a Number

-finish all CS Circles!
continue with challenges, in order 
-4U: continue with previous ECOO challenges (agree on which ones to do then send me a list)
-finish all CS Circles!
continue with challenges, in order 
-4U: continue with previous ECOO challenges (agree on which ones to do then send me a list) 
-grade 12's: go around and demo to the 11's (individually) how to read in text files, then help them write a program that reads in 10 numbers and calcs the average.
-continue w/ CS Circles and challenges
-contest next Tuesday!

-file input demo: average of 10, compass
file input lesson
-Read Data File -> Calculate Average
-do challenges, in order

-CS Circles Tutorial assignments
-test warning!!!

String Assignments cont'd
-tutorials & challenges cont'd
-bookmark this cheatsheet!

    - string assignments
    - programming challenges

-skills development: boxes (assorted), word challenges
-Python cheat sheet (you may wish to print!)
-skills challenges, cont'd

-simplegui landscape assignment

-Google lessons
-IT Survey (sign-in req'd)
-17-Year-Old Coder

-finish and submit all skills challenges programs for marking
-simplegui landscape assignment
-if finished, do a challenge on the past ECOO contest page

+skills challenges programs
+simplegui landscape assignment
-new assignment:
+Shakespeare Insult Name
-if finished, do a challenge on the past ECOO contest page

-PyDoc demo

"expressions" test
-FYI: Brock (2013) contest (sign-in req'd)
-FYI: PyGame links

-Practise for Test Monday (link) (sign-in req'd)
-finish and submit string assignments (many were not! -- check the MarkBook emails I sent yesterday)

-variables and assignments test
-FYI: graph :)
-final projects cont'd (fill in document!!!)

Not done

-Turing demo:drawline(), drawoval(), F9 reference, F1 to run, F2 to cleanup
-3x:Turing Graphics overview; save to handin drive

-research project requirements 
-Niagara College presentation (and period 1)
-Cool Tech catchup
-final project discussion (3x | 4x) 

software engineering article (sign-in req'd)

-share expectation documents with me

Project Specification Projects expectations document due

-program planning (test proposals) (sign-in req'd)

-learning goals discussion
-in pairs, create at least 8 learning goals in your expectations Google Doc 
-project spec programs cont'd

-rename & mark learning goals (Full Name Course Code Project Spec Expectations)