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Final Programming Projects

Project Preparation
  • Create a folder in Google Drive named "CourseCode FullName Final Project" and share it with Mr. Beens (editing privileges). For the planning document (see below), create a short URL of the address and paste it into the suitable location for your project. 
  • Create a Mindomo (mindmap) document named "CourseCode FullName Final Project Mindmap" and share it with Mr. Beens (editing privileges). For those that have never used Mindomo, see this document for an overview. You will use this mind map to document your thinking about your project, including thoughts about the organization of the project and any test programs you will write as you build your program up from nothing to completion. 
Source Code
  • Each source code file needs a header that includes, at a minimum, the information included here.
  • Flowcharts, if requested, will be created at Link this website to your Google account, and name any files using the common class filenaming protocol.
Planning Document