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02 - Numbers and Math


If you aren't already familiar with how to use the editor in Python, ask your instructor for a demonstration.

If you have not already done so, create a folder in your home drive named "ICS3U" (or similar) and a sub-folder named "Python Video Series". All files created in this tutorial should be saved in this folder. 

Watch the following video, and do the examples shown in the video as they are demonstrated.


Write a program that prints:
  • the sum of 8 and 3, 
  • the difference between 8 and 3,
  • the product of 8 and 3,
  • the integer quotient of 8 and 3,
  • the "real" quotient of 8 and 3, 
  • the remainder of 8 divided by 3, and
  • 10 to the power 3. the same order as shown above. 

Save as "" in your Python Video Series folder.