Email Lists

Most classes will be using an email list for class assignments and sharing of information.

After your email address has been approved for use in class, visit the appropriate email list to join:
After joining the list, you will receive an email describing how to send emails to the list, how to unsubscribe, etc. Do not lose this email!

There is no need to be concerned about the use of our mail list:
  • Messages to the mail list can only be read by members of the mail list.
  • Only members of the class can join the mail list.
  • Only members of the mail list can post messages to the members of the mail list.
  • All messages to the mail list are moderated. In other words, messages must be approved before they are forwarded to the group.
(To learn more about Google Groups, visit here.)

The following groups are no longer active, and only listed for past students' reference:
  • TEE2O -
  • TIK2O - 
  • ICE3M -
  • ICS3M -
  • ICS4M -
  • TGJ2O -
  • ICE4M -