Network Overview

Remember that you signed a netiquette agreement!

All your course work is to be saved in a folder named "course code" (e.g., TGJ2O, TDJ4M) in your "M" drive. (Create this folder now!)

Files will be handed in on the "I" drive in the relevant folder. You will often be asked to use a filename convention (e.g., Full Name CourseCode Filename) and/or store files in a folder with your name.

Large resources will be shared from a relevant folder on the "O" drive.

If you need to work with large files, copy them to the "V" drive (which is on your computer), then copy them back to your "M" drive at the end of class.

Do not use anyone else's account(s) -- always use your own!

Remember the #1 rule of computing -- "Save Early, Save Often!