Organizer Assignment

In my daily reminders I mentioned that I want you to use an organizer in class, every single day. 

  1. Take some time to research some various organizer tools. Here are a few, as a starting point:
    1. Google Keep
    2. Google Tasks is a great one if you're a Gmail user
    3. Remember The Milk is the one I've been using for years
    4. ToodleDo
    5. Squareleaf
    6. EasyPlanner iPod app
    7. PocketMod, if you'd rather stick to something on paper
    8. (check out this website for more ideas)
  2. Find some websites (and read them!) related to being organized and/or managing to-do lists. Be prepared to share what you learned from these websites with the class.
  3. Pick the system that you are going to use, at least initially, and start to use it every single day. You may decide that you don't like the system you initially chose and want to change, and this is completely normal (ask me how many systems I have used!). If you want, try one system for a few weeks, and then try a different system. 
  4. Once you have figured out which system you are going to use or try, fill in this form so we can get an idea of what everyone has decided on. 
  5. After you have joined the class mail list, you will be asked to share your organizer tip via that list.