Careers Article Précis

Assignment Overview

Using the "Career Resources" menu at, find and write a précis for an article of your choice. Note the marking scheme below!

Assignment Details and Marking Scheme

Write the précis1 using Google Documents, and name it "Full Name Course Code Careers Article Assignment". Share the précis with your instructor (editor). (6 marks)

At the top of your précis, put the title of the article, followed by the URL of the original article, then use a heading of "Précis" to designate the start of your précis. (1 mark)

After your précis is written, condense the highlights of the précis to one sentence. (Yes -- one sentence! It could be a very long sentence!) Put this summary below the precis, under a heading of "Précis Summary". (3 marks)

Note that you must reserve your article here (sign-in req'd). You must be the only one in your class reviewing your choice of article, so reserve early!

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1From Wikipedia: A précis is a formal summary of a given subject. A précis does not seek to persuade in regard to a subject, but simply to present it, be that subject an artifact, a person, an event, or even a concept. It should provide the reader an accurate, brief, and well-rounded impression of the subject. Any opinion the writer may hold on a subject should not be reflected in the writing of a précis.