Your ePortfolio will be created in Google Sites, and will serve as a way for you to compile and share all your finished projects. 

The BTT1O ePortfolio requirements can be found here.

The TGJxx ePortfolio requirements can be found here.

The TEJxx ePortfolio requirements can be found here.

The TIJ1O ePortfolio requirements can be found here.

Be sure to bookmarks your link(s)! 

Creating and Sharing

Start by creating a site in Google Sites, and name it "Full Name's ePortfolio" (e.g., Tom Smith's ePortfolio). Share it with your instructor as a collaborator (editor) so he/she can provide comments and assist when necessary.

Important: When creating your site, be sure to choose the "Only people I specify can view this site" setting in the "Share With" section, otherwise your ePortfolio will be visible to the entire world! 

After you have created your ePortfolio, provide the details here. [teacher link]

First Page!

Create a page named "Pages in Progress" and add a sub-pages menu. To help you stay organized. create any pages you create "under" this page and move them to the proper location when finished.


Be sure all PSD and JPG resources for your ePortfolio are uploaded via Picasa to your Google+ account and your videos uploaded to your YouTube account. The only files that will get uploaded directly to your site are PNGs and GIFs.

Some General Requirements

  • The front page must include a suitable graphic banner, 600 x 150 pixels.
  • All pages must be colour-coordinated and aesthetically pleasing. (i.e. by using a suitable theme)
  • All pages must include a link back to the page that linked to it.
  • All graphics, except where indicated must be linked in from your Flickr and/or Google+/Google Photos account. 
  • All links must work, and should open in a new window if it's an external link.


As you finish your pages, submit them here for marking.

teacher links: 
2011-2012 TGJ2OTGJ3M-1, TGJ3M-2
2012-2013 TGJ2O-1, TGJ3M-1
2013-2014 TGJ2O, TGJ3M, TGJ3M-2
2014-2015 TEJ2O (2) | TEJ3M (2)