Google Keep Tips and Assignment


  1. Watch this video:

    Google Keep Time Management

  2. Find and watch another good video on YouTube that teaches you something about Google Keep. You may have to watch more than one before finding a good one. Be sure the video you choose for this assignment is relevant to our use in the classroom.
  3. Create a note in Keep titled "Full Name Course Code Google Keep Video Notes". Be sure to substitute "Full Name" and "Course Code" with the correct information. In this note, put the following:
    1. The title of the video
    2. The URL (address) of the video
    3. "Notes" you have taken while watching the video (like notes you would take while listening to a lecture or lesson)
    4. Your recommendations on the suitability of this video for learning about Google Keep, with your reasons for why you made this recommendation.
    5. When your note is complete, copy the note to Google Docs (as shown below) and share the document with your instructor.

How to Export a Google Keep Note to Google Docs