Grade 12 Review Demonstration

If you are in a grade 12 class I will give you up to one week to do the following:
  • create a presentation in Google Presentations that outlines the following
    • has a summary of the major projects you worked on in grade 11, and where possible, includes screenshots of any projects that involved software
    • lists the software or equipment you used in grade 11, with a summary of how you used the software or equipment and the skill level you feel you possess
  • create (or re-create) a project that demonstrates the skills you developed in grade 11
  • demonstrate some of your skills to me
I will meet with you individually or in small groups to discuss this. You may work in groups of two for the presentations, but if you do so, each of you must contribute equally and address all the individual projects you worked on in grade 11.

Start by creating a Google Presentation entitled "Full Name(s) - Grade 12 CourseCode Review Demonstration" and sharing it with me as a collaborator.

After we have reviewed the presentation together, I will ask for some demonstrations.

The time period may be extended, depending on the circumstances.

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