"What I Learned" Test

For this test you will be using a Google Doc template to write about five (or ten) processes (skills) or concepts (things) you learned or developed while working in this class.

To get full marks, it is important that you cover the following:
  • the context of what you learned, such as the projects you were working on
  • technical information that provides more than just generalities
Marks on past tests have typically been deducted for the following reasons:
  • anything repetitive
  • inadequate explanation of the technique used
  • lack of technical terminology, such as the name of a tool used in a process
  • anything not related to actual project work (emailing, Gmail vs Hotmail, Diigo, software not used in class
  • not enough detail
  • details that did not seem consistent with the topic (like you didn’t really know what you were talking about!)
  • excessive spelling and/or grammar errors, especially in the technical content
Don't forget to share your Google Doc with your instructor after you have properly renamed it and completed it.