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Weekly Reflection

Create a Google Doc titled "Full Name Course Code Weekly Reflection" and share it with your instructor (as editor).

For each week, make a heading similar to "Week Ending Feb. 11".

Under each weekly heading, create the following subheadings and include the content described in each:
  • Project(s) I’m Working On
    • List the name(s) of the projects(s) you're working on.
  • What I Did This Week
    • Summarize the tasks you performed. Be sure to include details such as files created, tutorial websites used, etc.
  • What I Handed In This Week
    • List (in a bullet list) the specific path and filenames of any files handed in.
  • Skills Developed
    • Summarize the skills you obtained. Try to be as detailed as possible, starting with the words "I can" for each skill. You should easily be able to include at least one specific skills per day.
  • Attendance
    •  Summarize your attendance for the week (absences, lates).
  • Mark Deserved
    • Enter the mark you feel you deserve for the week. Consider attendance, effort, completeness of tasks, and time-on-task.
  • What Is Left To Do (all outstanding steps)
    • Enter all outstanding steps for your project, in point form. This should be the basis of a "road map" to getting your project done. 
  • What I Plan to Do Next Week
    • Enter your plans for the next week so you have some direction of where you are going with your project (or next project).
For your mark, emphasis will be placed on attendance and completeness, particularly in the details surrounding the reflections and the plans. Also, it is important that you have something handed in each week, even if only to show your progress.