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Coverage for 2012-02-13

posted Feb 12, 2012, 5:44 PM by Peter Beens   [ updated Mar 5, 2012, 6:51 PM ]
If you have any questions about the following, please email me or fill in the comment box and I will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Period 1 - TGJ3M, TGJ4M

All period one students are to complete the survey found here.

Everyone is working on independent projects that should take them at least a week to do.

For the grade 11's, there is a planning document (sign-in req'd) that should be used to record the details of their project (planning notes, status, etc.). Everyone should be working on their project, and should not be on Facebook or other personal sites. YouTube is okay as long as it's related to their project (ask to see their project information in the document above).

The grade 12's have their project detailed in an online weekly journal that they can show you. The journal should include a plan for what they intend to do and their status. They should be staying on task with this project. If they are not on task, please record this as it will affect their mark.

For the grade 11's, if they say their project is done (doubtful) and handed in then they can work on the Tree in Niagara Falls assignment or their Cool Tech assignment. If a grade 12 says their project is done then they can start on a 2nd independent project by documenting it in their journal.


Be sure your progress is handed in. It will be evaluated when I return tomorrow.