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2009-2010 ICS Daybook

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Feb 1
(start at My Tweets)
-Tech is Cool
-Administrivia cont'd (start at Organizer assignment)
-review of marks
-3x:History of Programming Languages
-4x:Grade 12 Review Demonstration
-3x:languages assignment cont'd (note new filename req't)
-4x: review cont'd
Feb 8
-Administrivia test
-3x:Languages: check email for test questions document; do presentations
-3x:write review questions in shared GooDoc
-4x:review cont'd (discuss progress)
-3x:Text Messaging: Is it Safe? (due today)
-4x:finish review presentation, then work on review program
-Cool Tech: Google Buzz
-review of Administrivia test? (once everyone has written)
-3x:review of programming languages | share presentations with class | student written test q's | test is Friday
-4x:review deadline?
-3x:Actionscript tutorials on O: drive
-4x:Text Messaging: Is it Safe? (homework)
-4x:Review program
-3x:tutorial U1A1
-4x:review progs
Feb 15 Family Day
-Text Messaging assignments being marked
-3C:U1A3; 3U:U1A1
-4x:review progs (last day)
-Programming languages test (both classes)
-3x:ActionScript cont'd
-4x:review progs due end of class
No Class Today -ICS3C U1A4 due
-ICS3U U1A2 due
-4x:zip and email me your review programs (source code only)
-4x:Begin independent activities on O drive (see grade 11's for location)
Feb 22
 -languages test review (once everyone has written)
-4x: independent lessons
-3C:U1A6 cont'd
-3U:U1A3 cont'd
-4x:independent lessons on O drive cont'd
-supply teacher instructions
-recent announcements
Tech is cool: Cody, Jesse
Snow Day!
Mar1  -file naming protocol reminder
-3C:marking U1A5As1
-3x:review and marking
-3C:marking U1A5As2
-3U:marking U1A1As2
-Lunch club Friday
-3U:U1A1As3 Careers
-4x:review filename & submission protocol
-Portfolio discussion
-4U:U1A1As1 email
-4U:U1A1As2 ethics essay
Mar 8
-cont'd (all) Python website resources (all) -see supply teacher notes
Mar 15  B  R  E  A  K
Mar 22 -reminder of Python website reviews (assignment page)
-marks printouts for those <60%
-Python tutorial (if done, also do Turing tutorial)
-Python cont'd
-Python cont'd
-Note: Concatenation has been updated with a new assignment
-supply teacher instructions
-read about Ada Lovelace day (it was yesterday)
-Python tutorial cont'd
-OSSLT letter
-arrays intro | challenge
Mar 29 -create GooDoc of Python snippets; share with me for marking
-group challenge: Canada Population
-Challenge: NS1992A1-CashRegister.py
-reminder of Snippets document
-Challenge: NS1992A2-GCD.py
-supply teacher instructions
-ECOO Programming Competition (for those attending)
-Challenge: Maple Leafs
Good Friday
Apr 4 Easter Monday -review progress -Python Tutorial; marking (see prog in O drive) Literacy Test Day -Python Test
Apr 11 -Retest
-homework: fix test
-fix test
-if done, research flowcharting software & tutorial sites
-Facebook story
-Google Drawing & Docs update
-Prezi intro
-create Prezi of flowcharting research (do not list last names) (submit resource here)
-supply teacher instructions
-cont'd (remember to submit your resource here first!)
-when you create your Prezi document, please share the URL with me (via this form) so I can review your progress.
-supply teacher instructions
-submit presentations at end of class (presentations on Monday)
Apr 18 -flowcharting presentation marking requirements; finish the presentations today!  -supply teacher instructions
-look over everyone's presentations (see email for details)
-prepare for tomorrow's presentations
-flowcharting presentations
- post your presentation questions here
-presentations cont'd
-last presentation: Cody
-flowcharting test
-flowcharting assignments
Apr 25 -flowcharting presentation questions due beginning of class.
-flowcharting assignments cont'd
-flowcharting program evaluations should be done by end of class
-due at end of class:
 - Create a Flowchart - Starting a Car
 - Create a Flowchart - Math Menu
-Bonus Jobs
-reminder of Class Jobs
-Flowcharting Answers due
-Create a Flowchart - Larger of Two Numbers
May 3 -Dylan flowcharting presentation
-Program 'Larger of Two Numbers'
-cont'd -If Statements -cont'd

-demo of looped math menu program
May 10 -String demo & assignments -Final independent projects [teacher link]
-Research projects [ICS3x | ICS4x
-research project discussion
-Strings cont'd
-Math II Assignments -brainstorm research project requirements
-Math II cont'd
May 17 -research project: what you told me
-Math II cont`d
-finish string & math programs
-research projects ICS3x | ICS4x (record your topics here for approval)
-all String & Math assignments to be completed by end of today
-continue with research projects
-research project cont'd [ICS3x | ICS4x] -Careers Article (homework; due next Thurday; no deadline extension)
May 24 Victoria Day -cont'd -review Career Article req'ts
-Final independent projects [teacher link]
-research project cont'd [ICS3x | ICS4x]
-Cool Tech: Dell Streak
-Careers article presentations
-finish strings and math programs
-research projects [ICS3x | ICS4x]
May 31 -summative eval: research projects, programming project, portfolio
-Voyageur (guitar) video
-L&L on Thursday (review marks)
-summative projects cont'd
-Writing a Technical Report
Lunch and Learn 
-create title page in report
-write draft introduction in report
Jun 7 -research projects [topics]
-programming reports [teacher link]
-cont'd (naming convention added to req'ts)
-research project: update proposed demo and activity (must sign in)
-new tweet
-review research project marking req'ts
-cont'd -cont'd
-Student council elections?
Research Project Presentations due for review (preliminary evaluation) (handin folder: 20100611 Draft Research Projects (exported as PPT files))
Jun 14 -WoW: Copyleft
-research presentations start tomorrow! 
Research Project Presentations <absent>
do your locker cleanout today instead of tomorrow
-work on final reports
-presentations cont'd
-Final Programming Reports due [teacher link]
Jun 21 -presentations cont'd (if necessary)
-course evaluation
Pd 1 Exams Date
-portfolio meetings (mandatory)
Pd 2 Exam Date Pd 3 Exam Date Pd 4 Exam Date
Course Outlines: ICS3C | ICS3U | ICS4C | ICS4U