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2009-2010 TDJ3M & TDJ4M Daybook

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Feb 1
-Administrivia -Admin con't (start at late submissions)
-4M:Grade 12 Review Demonstration
-Tech is Cool
-Admin cont'd (start at Jeopardy Quiz I)
-4M:review cont'd (discussion)
-review of marks
-3M:SketchUp Learning Journal
-3M:Overview of SketchUp pages
-4M:Sears Design Contest:overview
-4M:review cont'd
-3M:create a SketchUp Learning Journal rubric
-3M:Google SketchUp Website Review
-4M:summary overview of the Sears Design contest
Feb 8 -Administrivia test
-how to we evaluate 4M review presentations?
-3M:SketchUp tutorial website reviews
-4M:review Sears Design contest presentation
-4M:review cont'd (demonstrations)
-3M:SketchUp tutorial websites cont'd
-4M:finish Sears contest overview (share with me!)
-4M:review cont'd
-Cool Tech: Google Buzz
-review of Administrivia test? (once everyone has written)
-3M:SketchUp tutorials websites cont'd (finish today); rankings?
-4M:share Sears Design document!
-4M:Review (finish today); next steps?
-Administrivia Test
-3M:continue with SketchUp website reviews | need top 3
-4M:review Review assignments
Early Release Day
Feb 15  Family Day
-my SketchUp iPod
-3M:top SketchUp tutorials (spreadsheet)
-4M:reviews being marked tomorrow
-Cool Tech: Cody
-3M:top 3 SketchUp sites
-3M:3D Text on Cylinder
-3M:10_02_iPod.pdf (in O drive)
-4M:review self-assessments due
-4M:find and save detailed pictures of DL650
No Class Today -3M:finish iPod project
-4M:more DL650 images and references
-4M:draw DL650 frame in Inventor (project page is here)
 Feb 22
-3M:determine SketchUp Learning Journal marking req'ts
-3M:iPod cont'd
-4M:DL650 model cont'd
-3M:Length and Area
-3M:Jigsaw Puzzle
-3M:House (Basic)
-4M:DL650 cont'd
-supply teacher instructions
-recent announcements
-cont'd from yesterday
Snow Day!
Mar 1 -3M:SketchUp survey
-4M:present review presentations to class.
-supply teacher instructions
-3M:submit all outstanding assignments, then work on "Building Buildings" chapter.
-4M:DL650 frame cont'd
-3M:review SketchUp journals: organized, # of pages
-3M:mark jigsaw puzzle
-4M:submit DL650 frame progress for marking
-3M:mark House (Basic)
-3M:BB 4-4, 4-6
Mar 8 3M:BB finish and submit 4-9, 4-12
4M:continue with DL650 frame
-3M: BB finish and submit 4-13, 4-15, 4-18
-4M: submit frame progress
-3M:BB submit 4-20,4-22,4-27,4-28
-4M:frame cont'd
-4M:prep for DL650 pix tomorrow (see me)
-cont'd -supply teacher instructions
-3M:pelican case
-4M:look for email about bike pix
Mar 15
Mar 22
-supply teacher instructions
-read about Ada Lovelace day (it was yesterday)
3M:Studio Shed
4M-DL650 frame cont'd
-4M:mark DL650 frame progress 
Mar 29 cont'd (all) 3M:Geodesic Dome
4M:DL650 frame cont'd
4M:test planning
3M:added BB fig 4.31
4M:review test req'ts

-supply teacher instructions
3M:Using Exact Dimensions (booklet)
4M:send me test req'ts
4M:frame cont'd
Good Friday
Apr 5 Easter Monday 3M:Using Exact Dimensions (cont'd)
4M:submit DL650 progress
3M:Fig. 2-1 Basic Dimensioning Elements
4M:Parts Planner (sign-in req'd)
Literacy Test Day 3M:update SketchUp snippets file
3M:here is an optional 2D assignment)
Apr 12 3M:determine test req'ts
3M:Sketchup Test
4M:Inventor Test
3M:test reflection; continue w/ assignments
4M:DL650 cont'd
-supply teacher instructions
3M:continue with assignments
Grade 7 Day (No Class)
Apr 19 3M:continue w/ assignments
4M:continue w/ DL650 model
-supply teacher instructions
3M/4M:read Fundamental Technological Concepts
3M:Trace House Drawing #1
Early Release Day
4M:progress marking
4M:DL650 frame cont'd
Apr 26 -cont'd
3M:Trace House Drawing #2
-No class; work in library or other location -cont'd
bonus jobs
-reminder of Class Jobs
Love Hurts buyout
May 3 -final project req'ts (brainstorm)
-Lunch and Learn on Thursday (review marks)
-cont'd 3M:cont'd
4M:marking progress
-cont'd -cont'd
May 10 --trace assignments cont'd -cont'd -household object -cont'd cont'd
May 17 -3M:One Room Cabin
-4M:continue w/ DL650 (see me about shared drive)
-cont'd -cont'd -cont'd -Careers Article 
May 24 Victoria Day -cont'd
-review marks (L&L on Thursday)
-Cool Tech: Dell Streak
-Lunch and Learn
-no class (photowalk)
-careers article presentations Monday!
-work on all outstanding drawings
May 31 -summative discussion: homework: quick floorplans of your homes
-Voyageur (guitar) video
-Careers Article presentations
-submit your home floorplans
-final marking before summative projects
-outstanding projects cont'd cont'd
Jun 7 -TDJ3M final projects
-4M DL650 project cont'd
-new tweet

cont'd cont'd cont'd
Jun 14 -WoW: Copyleft
-cont'd -reminder to update Sketchup learning journal
-final projects and Sketchup learning journals due end of class
Jun 21 -course evaluation
-backup files
Pd 1 Exams Date Pd 2 Exam Date Pd 3 Exam Date
-Portfolio presentations (mandatory)
Pd 4 Exam Date
Course Outlines: 3M | 4M