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2010-2011 ICS Daybook

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Sep 6
Labour Day

Period 1: 9:00 to 10:20
-4U: intro to App Inventor (discussion)
-Administrivia: start at Contacting Me
-4U: find and document online AI resources
-email me your locker #'s and combinations
-Administrivia: start at Pre-course Q's
-3x: Turing Graphics
-4C: review project
-4U: App Inventor resources cont'd
-3x: Turing graphics cont'd
-4C: review projects cont'd
-4U: install AI on Mac; get Hello World working
Sep 13 -featured tweet: Liberkey Portable Apps
-Cool Tech reminder
-write admin test together
-3x: Turing download
-3x: finish Turing graphic assignments
-4C: review projects: share Google Presentation with me; present on Thursday
-4U: AI Assignments: document Mac process
-Dropbox referral
-featured tweet: My Pet Slug (not!)
-Administrivia test
-share your organizer tip via the Google Group (reply to my email)
-3x: Hand in graphics assignments
-3x: History of Programming Languages
-4C: review cont'd
-4U: AI cont'd | Installing on Windows
-Email protocol: please always include course code
-featured tweet: 'Here you Have' virus
-all: cont'd
-4U: show me Mac instructions
-4U: install AI on PC; Challenge 1: Toggle Button Text

-featured tweet: Diigo Saved Me!
-4C: review cont'd
-3x: History presentations; make notes; write test q's
-4U: test Mac instructions on other Macs

-4U: AI in O drive
-4U: hand in challenge 1
-4U: next assignment (we have options to discuss)
-4U: review projects: let's discuss
-4C: review presentations
-3X history presentations cont'd; self-evaluations; prep for test

-3X:languages test q's
-3X:Python overview and tutorial
-4C:review project
-4U:AI presentations
-3x: languages test
-3x:Python cont'd

-4C:review project cont'd
-4U:test AI Mac procedure on last Mac
-4U:AI presentations cont'd
-Vonage Talk Free App
-3x:Python cont'd
-4C:review project cont'd
-Google Code Playground
-4C:review presentations
-4U: review presentations
-GMail Drive shell extension
-Harvest moon pics
-3x:Languages re-test
-Cool Tech presentation(s)
Sep 27 -Greenshot, an open source screenshot tool
-3x:Python Tutorial cont'd
-4C:independent projects
-4U:App Inventor Basic Components presentations
-3x:Python cont'd
-4U present to the class
-3x:Python cont'd
-4U presentations cont'd
-class cancelled, but homework has been assigned -3x:mark Python progress
-4C:review independent project progress
-4U:present AI demo programs
Oct 4 -4U:Renee review project
-4U:remaining AI component demos
-4C:independent project cont'd
-work period
-work period
-3x: work period
-4C: update project, submit in handin folder
-4U: advanced AI component project
PA Day
Oct 11 Thanksgiving
-3x:review progress, work period
-see my email
-see my email -see my email
Oct 18 -More about Facebook Privacy
-Cool Tech reminder
-Scribble exhibit at Albright-Knox
-3x:concepts to be tested tomorrow (small group discussions) [link]
-4U:AI program demos: hand in all advanced component programs
-3x:python test [teacher link]
-3x:Python group challenges [link] (PDF) [teacher link

-4U:join class Diigo group; locate and save 3+ distinct AI bookmarks to this group each)
-4C;submit progress; discuss
-3x:more challenges
-cont'd (all)
-submit cool tech emails TODAY
-Cool Tech: First All-robot Surgery Performed At McGill University 
-entire class: brainstorm ICS4C project sources for data
Oct 25 -Google A-Z
-1st Cool Tech deadline
-3x:Python group challenges [link] (PDF) [teacher link]
-4C:project cont'd
-4U:2nd advanced component (sign-in req'd)
-3x:challenges cont'd
-4U:advanced components cont'd
-NookCOLOR released
-3x: NS1990 A-2 challenge
-Python challenges cont'd
-4C:demo program progress to class
-4U:prep for presentation | survey
-3x:read and do Arrays if you have not already done so. You will need this for some of the challenges
-3x:group challenges cont'd, then finish NS1990 A-2 challenge
-4C:continue working on your program, then email it to me at the end of class for marking
-4U:advanced components cont'd. Email me your progress (zip file) at the end of class
Nov 1 -Google Calendar attachment tip
-Android App Inventor presentation
-"What's New and Happening in CS?" (from ACSE conference)
-final cool tech presentations
-3C:String assignments
-4U:create AI concept lessons for gr 11's

-cont'd -chrome tip: pin tabs
-website update (gr. 8 day)
-blog update
-How human can a mobile phone be?

-Is Social Media a Fad?
-updated UCOSP link
-my latest YouTube video [blog]
-4U:mark advanced component projects
Nov 8 -Dropbox article
-Google Breadcrumb Challenge
-Breadcrumb cont'd -Breadcrumb cont'd (see my email) -3x:continue w/ String assignments
-4U:redo last year's String assignments (from scratch!) as a review of Python
-4C:independent project cont'd; email me daily updates
-cont'd (all classes) 

Nov 15 -Dropbox blog
-Google presentation
-submit and mark String assignments
-4U:hand in advanced component projects
-4C:what's up?
-work period -Woodend Voting
-Work Habits Self Eval (reflection) (filename: Full Name Course Code Work Habits Self Evaluation)
-Functions (all)
-work period
-work period; marking -work period; marking
Nov 22 -Python tutorial videos; choose your most appropriate one from his YT site and email link to me
-independent projects
-work period; marking
-Vote! (let me see and count your vote)
-new WotW
-mark work habits self-eval
-Please vote, and then fill in this form to let me know (tell others!)
-continue working on Python programs; Austin, please submit programs DAILY

Nov 29 -Time Tracker
-final projects discussion
-python cont'd
-python cont'd
-PhotoSynth TED Talk
-Python string test [teacher link]
-final projects discussions
-python cont'd
-Woodend on Facebook - like!
-Independent Challenges

-guidance in to talk to class (Ms. Hopman)
-Independent Challenges cont'd. If finished, choose and work on a new one.
Dec 6 -Cool Tech reminder

-Independent Challenges: choose #2; email to me
-challenge #2 -challenge #3 -challenge #3 (email to me if you're starting a new one)
-Careers article (due Monday)
-lunch and learn warnings
-Flowcharting Symbols
-Google Docs Drawings
-Create a Flowchart - Larger of Two Numbers
Dec 13 -Vote!
-Career articles due
-python challenges cont'd
-install SketchUp 8
-final projects
-mark career articles
-Lunch and Learn, rm 1-205
-mark self-evals
Dec 20 -copy and paste report address into final project document (sign-in req'd)
-career article summaries
-independent projects
-2nd Cool Tech deadline
-final project cont'd
-see my email about report changes
-final project cont'd
-cont'd Vacation
Jan 10 -MarkBook emails
-Cool Tech tomorrow
-independent projects
-Cool Tech presentations SNOW DAY -career article summaries due end of class (see email)
-independent projects cont'd (Austin see me)
Jan 17 -cont'd -cont'd -final programs due -reports due -course evaluation
-final project self-assessment
Jan 24 -Interviews (sign-in req'd) Pd 2 Exams
Pd 3 Exams
Course Outlines: ICS3C | ICS3U | ICS4C | ICS4U