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2010-2011 TDJ3M & TDJ4M Daybook

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Jan 31 n/a -Administrivia
-5 minute organize (daily)

SNOW DAY! -Administrivia cont'd (network)

-Administrivia cont'd
-Tech is Cool
-4M: skills competition
-3M:Overview of SketchUp pages
-join BDSS TDJ Group

Feb 7 -Portable Firefox
-everyone join mail list?
-organizer tips Google Doc [sign-in req'd]
-4M: Skills Development Project #1
-3M: SketchUp - Choose 6, rank 1-5 in terms of difficulty [Google Doc, sign-in req'd]
-3M/4M: cont'd -3M: SketchUp download link
-3M: hand in SketchUp projects
-3M/4M: cont'd
-4M: check Diigo bookmarks
-3M/4M: cont'd
-Engineering presentation
-4M: Weekly Reflection
-3M: continue working on SketchUp tutorials. Hand them in to the O drive and update the spreadsheet
-4M: Weekly Reflection due
-4M: continue independent projects
Feb         14 -SketchUp cont'd
-Diigo demo w/ Shareaholic

-cont'd -SketchUp cont'd; even if done 6 tutorials, keep going! Make sure you update the spreadsheet with the difficultly levels.
-if you have finished at least 9 tutorials and need a challenge, model the hand sanitizer bottle in SketchUp
-4M: continue independent projects; update Weekly reflection for this week.
-SketchUp cont'd. Keep adding to the spreadsheet, even if you have completed more than 6 tutorials. 
-4M: Weekly Reflection due; see my email about dated folders for your deliverables
Feb  21 Family Day -About.Me 
-SketchUp progress (submit all files; update spreadsheet)
-4M: project requests? 
-4M: independent project progress?
-SketchUp cont'd
-Album Art?
-update and review spreadsheet

-4M: Weekly Reflection due
Feb 28 -Tech is Cool (mine)
-update and review spreadsheet
-SketchUp Tutorial Website review
-4M: independent projects cont'd
-bookmark SketchUp tutorials in our Diigo group
-tutorials and website reviews cont'd
-4M: Mrs. Hoeg in
-Diigo reminder
-reminder: find, reserve, and bookmark SketchUp tutorial site
-4M: Weekly Reflection due

Mar  7 -Tech is Cool reminder
-SketchUp Tutorial Website review (cont'd) | reviews doc
-4M: cont'd
-cont'd -Sketchup tutorial website reviews are now due. After you have completed your review and submitted your tutorial file, start looking at the other reviews, do at least 2 of the other tutorials, and rate them in order of best to worst. -cool tech topic for someone: Arduino -4M: demo day
-4M: Weekly Reflection due
-Cool Tech presentations (Colleen, Steven)
Mar 21 -Tech is Cool reminder
-4M: updated Weekly Reflection req'ts
-Google Docs Discussions | test document
-5 minute organize: lists in GT & RTM, postpone & multi-change in RTM
-5 minute organize
-SketchUp tutorial websites - do and submit at least 3 (links and SKP files)
-RTM now links with Google account!
SNOW DAY! -cool tech request: arduino
-Firefox 4
-Google Chrome Sync
-Blogged: Vivian Maier Slideshow
-Swear Jar
-5 minute organize
-tutorial websites due end of tomorrow!
-top 3 SketchUp tutorial websites due
-5 minute organize
-4M: Weekly Reflection due
Mar 28 -SketchUp Websites cont'd

-cont'd -5 minute organize
-last day for SketchUp websites
LITERACY TEST (no class) -comical look at design process
-Steps in the Design Process
-5 minute organize
-4M: Weekly Reflection due
-4M:practical test req'ts (sign-in req'd)
Apr 4 -5 minute organize
-3M&4M:Analysis of Folding Bike Design Process
-Top 3 SketchUp website tutorial results: 1. Chair
2. Flower
3. Wineglass
-folding bike assignment due
-see email (sign-in req'd)
-5 minute organize
-3M&4M:Fundamental Technological Concepts Assignment
-4M:update practical test req'ts (sign-in req'd)

-5 minute organize
-3M&4M:fundamental concepts assignment
-4M:review test req'ts

-5 minute organize
-Engineering Assignment
-4M:practise practical test
-top 3 sketchup tutorials websites files due (see 4th)
-3M&4M:Fundamental Concepts assignment due
-4M: Weekly Reflection due
-4M: revise test criteria?
-5 minute organize
-do schools kill creativity?
-design challenge: redesign the classroom
Apr 11 -5 minute organize
-Engineering assignment due
-dream classroom: discussion cont'd; create sketches on paper
-4M: create test criteria (cont'd)
-3M:dream classroom cont'd
-4M:projects cont'd
-cont'd -cont'd -4M: Weekly Reflection due

Apr 18 -cont'd -prep for cool tech presentations Thursday -cont'd -4M: Weekly Reflection due
-Cool Tech presentations
Easter Friday
Apr 25 Easter Monday -fave Rush photo 
-Success tweet
-Cool Tech cont'd
-dream classrooms
-dream classrooms cont'd no power... -dream classroom req'ts (sign-in req'd)
-SketchUp walls, doors, windows tutorial videos
-4M: Weekly Reflection due
-4M: create 1 period activity for grade 11's
May 2 -dream classroom cont'd
-4M:grade 11 activity cont'd
-Who Owns Your Location?
-You can now Upload Folders to Google Docs
-dream classroom cont'd; create personal checklist to make sure you comply with marking requirements (sign-in req'd)
-4M:gr. 11 activity cont'd

-dream classroom cont'd
-share checklist with instructor for marking (TODAY!)
-4M:gr. 11 activity cont'd
-dream classroom cont'd -last day for dream classroom. You will submitting your final checklist and SketchUp model. 
-4M: Weekly Reflection due
May 9 -submit dream classroom (beginning of class)
-http://students.autodesk.com/ <check it out! 
-Layers Assignment
-Trace House Drawing #1
-cont'd -cont'd -Google Moderator (Beens' Class)
-Dream Bedroom (sign-in req'd)
-4M: Weekly Reflection due
May 16 -skilled trades video
-mark dream classrooms
-dream bedroom con't
-4M:exchange and review each other's tutorials
-cont'd -Dropbox referral
-Dream Bedroom due
-4M: Weekly Reflection due
May 23 Victoria Day -3M: gr 12 tutorials (Steve)
-3M: gr 12 tutorials (Ryan) -3M: gr 12 tutorials (Dylan)
-4M: final projects?
-see my email
-3M/4M:Skilled Trades Article (due Monday)
-4M: Weekly Reflection due
May 30 -3M: gr 12 tutorials (Suzie)
-Dream House (final project) -cont'd
-4M: final projects
-cont'd -cont'd
-4M: Weekly Reflection due
Jun 6 -cont'd -cont'd -cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
-4M: Weekly Reflection due
Jun 13 -projects cont'd -cont'd -last day for marking bedroom
-4M: Weekly Reflection due
Jun 20 -Course Evaluation pd 1: 9:00-9:50
pd 2: 10:00-10:50
pd 3: 10:55-11:45
pd 4 exams: 12:30
-portfolio mtgs (sign-in req'd) N/A Be safe this summer!
Course Outlines: 3M | 4M