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2010-2011 TGJ3M & TGJ4M Daybook

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Jan 31 n/a -Administrivia
-5 minute organize

SNOW DAY! -Administrivia cont'd (network)
-Administrivia cont'd (organizer)
-4M: skills competition
-4M: project requests?
-4M: post 6 links in our Diigo group
Feb 7 -Tech is Cool
-everyone join mail list?
-Organizer tip Google Doc
-Portable Firefox
-Getting Started
-4M:independent projects cont'd

-find and record URLs of 6 exemplars and 6 tutorials related to your media choice -Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day [photos]
-Diigo demo (TGJ Diigo Group)
-join Diigo group
-bookmark exemplars and tutorials in Diigo group
-4M: Weekly Reflection
-email assignment reminder
-continue bookmarking
-Stop Drop and Write for 15 minutes. Create a Google Doc and start a short story with "My friends hate me...".
-finish bookmarking in Diigo (6 exemplars and 6 tutorials). Be sure they are all tagged correctly. They will be marked 1st thing Monday (no extensions).
-Once the bookmarks are created, start "doing" one of the tutorials you have found.
-4M: Weekly Reflection due 
-4M: no class
Feb         14 -bookmarks cont'd
-4M:independent projects cont'd
-bookmarks due
-Project Planner (sign-in req'd)
-photo used
-check my comments in the Project Planner document
-4M: mark Weekly Reflection
-Independent Project
-4M: no class
-3M students, the specifics of your plan are now overdue. I will be interviewing you all individually on Tuesday to review and mark them. Do them! 
-4M: no class, but Weekly Reflection is still due
Feb  21 Family Day -About.Me 
-I Can test
-4M:independent projects cont'd
-textures for photoshop
-Corel Painter "paintings"
-project suggestion: create tutorial (use Picnik plugin to grab graphics; make in Google docs)
-use Creative Commons material only for projects!
-create eportfolios
-marking comments [teacher link]
-Album Art?
-check portfolios; 1st project pages
-get in habit of recording URLs of material in your portfolio immediately when you use them!
-hand in projects (in your folder!)
-continue working on projects
-ePortfolios not all created (late marks apply)
-updated marks emailed
-Picasa demo (see my downloads folder)
-ACSE logos (CDR, FLA, PSD, SKP)
-hand in projects! 
-projects cont'd
-4M: Weekly Reflection due
Feb 28 -ACSE logo cont'd
-hand in projects (3rd request)
-projects cont'd
-choose next project: Podcast | Tree | Repair Portrait Photo | Flash Website Review & Flash Animation | Fave Flickr Photos | Photo Article Summary | Stop Motion | Video (storyboard) | Tell a story in 5 pictures | Create Panorama
-Cool Tech: Eee Note EA800

-updated -Independent Project req'ts

-cool tech: make slideshows from pummelvision
-4M: Weekly Reflection due
Mar  7 -continue working on projects listed last week. Aim for one project per week.  -cont'd
-4M: no class
-continue working on the independent projects
-4M: no class
  -4M: Weekly Reflection due
Mar 21 -Tech is Cool reminder
-Repair Portrait Photo added to list
-Google Docs Discussions | test document
-4M: updated Weekly Reflection req'ts
-5 minute organize: lists in GT & RTM, postpone & multi-change in RTM
-Vivian Maier slideshow
-5 minute organize
-activities cont'd

SNOW DAY! -Firefox 4
-Google Chrome Sync
-Blogged: Vivian Maier Slideshow
-Swear Jar
-5 minute organize
-MarkBook marks sent out | discussion: new activity on report
-projects cont'd
Mar 28 -should be on your 3rd project
-cont'd -Cool Tech: latest Macbook Pro
Literacy Test NO CLASS -added Tell a story in 5 pictures to list of projects.
Apr 4 -Display case poster(s) assignment | text | MS Pub link | Req'ts (sign-in req'd)
-5 minute organize
-Camera Assignment
-posters due
-5 minute organize
-see email (sign-in req'd)
-continue with projects listed 2/28. You should be starting your 4th project by now.
-5 minute organize
-5 minute organize
-5 minute organize
-Google vs FB: who do you trust more?
-marking day!
Apr 11 -camera assignment due
-5 minute organize
-should be starting 4th project
-projects (cont'd) -projects (cont'd) -projects (cont'd) -projects (cont'd)
Apr 18 -projects cont'd
-Time Tracker form
-projects cont'd -projects cont'd -projects cont'd Easter Friday
Apr 25 Easter Monday -fave Rush photo
-photowalk soon! 
-Success tweet
-Artist or photographer profile assignment 
-projects (cont'd) -projects (cont'd) -Photoshop "Tree" test (sign-in req'd)
May 2 -Who Owns Your Location?
-tree test cont'd
-projects cont'd
You can now Upload Folders to Google Docs
-Create Panorama added to list of activities
-projects cont'd
-projects cont'd
-progress? (individual interviews)
-projects cont'd
May 9 -projects cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
-Vivian Maier update
-Everyday for iPhone
-5 minute planning
-projects cont'd
-Google Moderator (Beens' Class)
-podcast presentation due (share with Mr. Beens)
-MarkBook emails, note #1-#5
-anyone below 55% must start staying at lunch
-share your podcasting presentations with me as soon as they are done
-mark "Fix Belding" tests
May 16 -skilled trades video
-marking "Belding" tests
-podcasts cont'd
-podcast script due
-podcasts cont'd
-Be sure camera assignment is complete; bring camera in on Tuesday.
-reminder about Artist Profile assignment; due on 30th (homework)
-Lightworks open source video editor
-Dropbox referral
-podcast due
May 23 Victoria Day -permission forms?
-photowalk pre-assignments (aperture vs shutter speed)
-photowalk pre-assignments (install Picasa, join flickr, join class flickr group)
-4M: Artist Profile due
-Photo Walk -see my email
-3M/4M:Skilled Trades Article (due Monday)
May 30 -Photo Walk
-Artist Profile due

-Photo Walk

-Bulk Rename Utility: rename acc. to instructions
-Picasa (load, export and submit 1024px  photos)
-Picasa (tag and start  editing photos) [lesson notes] -career unit w/ Ms. Hopman
Jun 6 -submit final photos (deadline) -example portfolio | insert Misc TOC | Diigo assignment (under Misc) | Media Projects
-rank pictures

-Portfolios (review of page settings; subscribe to site changes; Main page req'ts; Diigo page req'ts; Artist presentation, with section why you chose that artist)
-rename & export test
-post best 5 to flickr group
-post best picture in group discussion
-Artist Profile presentations -portfolios, outstanding assignments
-4M:photography activity pack
Jun 13 -Artist Profile presentations cont'd
-Portfolios -Portfolios -Portfolios -ALL PORTFOLIOS DUE
-portfolio interview schedule (sign-in req'd)

-ePortfolio Instructor Link
Jun 20 -Course Evaluation pd 1: 9:00-9:50
pd 2: 10:00-10:50
pd 3: 10:55-11:45
pd 4 exams: 12:30
n/a -portfolio mtgs (sign-in req'd) Be safe this summer!