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2014-2015 TEJ2O & TEJ3E & TEJ3M Daybook

Note: everything in italics is old and should be ignored.
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Sep 1 Period 2 All
-Administrivia (add tasks to organizer)

-monitor and kb/mouse delivery rm 3109
-Admin cont'd starting at "Class Rules"
-"exam exemption" 
-admin cont'd in network overview
-finish Admin

Web 2.0 Tools
Sep 8 -Cool Tech
-review that all admin stuff done; put in organizer
-FYI: Diigo Intro & "Daybook Features"
-Dewey bookmarks extension
-TEJ GoogleDoc: collaborative editing 
-Binary chairs (computer operation intro, intro to binary, activity)
-install Dewey Launcher extension (log into Chrome first)
-add daybook feature item to GDoc
-5 minute disc'n of daybook feature items in GDoc
-Google Classroom intro
-portable benchmark program assignment (via Google Classroom?)
-Class jobs
-continue w/ portable benchmarking program research; demos; discussion (GDoc - sign-in req'd)
-cable cleanup
-demo benchmark programs
-update GDoc based on our discussions
-vote on best utility/utilities
-art computer; see Mrs. Tauro
-English eMacs
-Mr. Miller monitor
Sep 15 -Remind 101 test: everyone on?
-intro to Computer Scavenger Hunt (for tomorrow)
-computer inventory
-Computer Scavenger Hunt -demo of my Python database program
-computer inventory cont'd: submit all files to handin drive; check with Brandon
-create ePortfolios
-add Glossary of Terms to ePortfolio
-add Computer Inventory to ePortfolio 
-computer inventory cont'd
-computer inventory cont'd (Brandon: put all room numbers in your GSheet; give us report on status
Sep 22 -Terry Fox forms
-5 minute organize
-Cool Tech reminder (wkly)
-inventory cont'd
-inventory cont'd
-Terry Fox reminder

-Terry Fox reminder

-FYI: Win7 64 bit humour

-Terry Fox reminder
-Inventory review

Terry Fox Run

(Dawson to collect pledges and record amounts/names)

If students don't participate or come back early, they can work on their Scavenger Hunt
Sep 29 -Terry fox run donations?

-ePortolio Computer Inventory: add What I Did [summary], Rooms I Inventoried and Maintain, Problems I Overcame / Maintenance Log

-update room descriptions etc. in inventory file (sign-in req'd)

-my glossary bookmarks; add links to the top of your glossary page 
-show me ePortfolio Inventory summary; update
Oct 6 -Scavenger hunt status?

-organizer tips (

-update relevant Glossary terms on ePortfolio (student doc)

-updated computer inventory report
-outstanding email assignments
-ePortfolio Inventory link form
-Glossary: 10+ terms
-marking today: inventory summary and glossary

-FYI:Lima network device
-network device discussion: Drobo, NAS, CrashPlan (backup)

-update Rooms I Inventoried and Maintain on ePortfolio (determine req's as a class)

-marking today: inventory summary and glossary

-Nathan to go to resource room
-Dawson and Mack: check email for an assignment


-if not already done, finish first two sections of inventory page

-expand glossary to 15 words

-Research project: If you built your own computer, what microprocessor would you put in it and how much would it cost? Buddy up with someone if necessary to complete this activity.

-push in chairs at end of class
PD Day 
Oct 13 Thanksgiving -cont'd

-cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
Oct 20 -outstanding inventory
-Start config'ing network
-inventory cont'd
-check work for tomorrow
-demo of including pictures for glossary
-inventory cont'd
-Core Terms for your glossaries (update glossaries to 20 (or more) terms you know, and add pictures (the way I showed you) to the five terms you know the best)

-Digital Overdrive - Basic Computer Concepts: Email the certificate to your instructor for marking
-finish yesterday's assignments before continuing
-start researching and recording SSD and SATA drives for your "dream computer" (capacities, prices). Record your sources (URLs).
Oct 27 -Greenshot screenshot program (w/ portable version)

-microprocessor discussion (from previous research)

-computer components: research & present
-research cont'd -computer component feedback doc

-FYI:wi-fi controversy

-computer components cont'd; final presentations Monday

Nov 3
-finish scavenger hunt

-finish component presentations, based on feedback; when finished, email Mr. Beens so it can be shared with entire class; final presentations next Monday

-electronics tutorials website reviews

-glossaries should now have 20+ terms + 5+ pics

-Electronics Safety Poster Assignment [LP]

-Interactive Ohm's Law (go through slides; make sure you understand)
(DSBN Frames)

"What I Learned" Test  (due Friday)

-see Monday for tasks for this week

-if done, do Networking unit in Digital Overdrive

-see Monday for tasks for this week

-see Monday for tasks for this week

What I Learned Test due

-see Monday for tasks for this week
Nov 10 -Marks reviews

-submit safety posters

-lunch appointments?

-remembrance day ceremony

-lunch appointments?

-Mindomo Computer Jobs (3E editors) [tchr link]

-Computer Component Presentations

-2O, 3M: Arduino intro
-research and bookmark Arduino videos & resources to share

3E: plan "computer repair business"; report back to class tomorrow

3M:Fritzing demo

-cool tech
-inventory donated computers

-research cont'd
PD Day
Nov 17 -lunch appointments
-our hashtag & how to use: #BDSTEJ
-need 3M student(s) for open house to work on Arduino cct

3E: share business proposals
2O, 3M: share Arduino resources (GDoc); view others' and pick your top three

3E: identify library computers to be replaced and which computers will replace them
3E: 3201 maintenance check 

[daily notes]
3E: 3211 maintenance check (how do we document this?); also check clipboard (in 3201 as well)
3E: deliver 4? computers to cosmo
2O, 3M: top three Arduino sites; watch Udemy more videos; Arduino kit exploration

2O, 3M: -Arduino cont'd FYI: White Bread Shield for Arduino

All: daybook items on Diigo
All: Binary chairs
All: Cisco binary game
2O, 3M: has everyone entered top three Arduino sites?
2O, 3M: Arduino cont'd
3M:Fritzing intro
3E: Spec Needs, wood shop computers

All: gaming night (reg'n form)

All: Coding handout

3E:Computer Jobs spreadsheet (sign-in req'd)
2O, 3M: top three Arduino sites are...
2O, 3M: Arduino cont'd

All-intro electronics presentation

2O, 3M: Electronics test planning document

3E:computer Jobs spreadsheet (sign-in req'd)

2O, 3M: Arduino cont'd

3E:computer jobs cont'd
-2O, 3M: write electronics test questions (today; due tomorrow; no exceptions)

3E:computer jobs cont'd

All: finish the 
scavenger hunt

All: if finished, research XAMPP
Lunch club

2O, 3M: 
Electronics test planning document cont'd

-review and mark test q's; create test (as a class)

3E:computer jobs cont'd

Dec 1 -Digital Overdrive: need everyone's certificates (from Oct 23)

-2O, 3M: Interactive Ohm's Law

-All: Pet 1-1 Electrical Safety Activity Pack (skip list of rules, website review, crossword)
Practice Literacy Test

-Electrical Safety Activity Pack cont'd
-cont'd -cont'd
-FYI:Mother Posted on Her Daughters Facebook

-Which day for test?

-Homework club planning

-last day for Petruzella (finish as homework)

Dec 8 -BDSS' Hour of Code

-ePortfolio Week

-Hour of Code cont'd (finish to 20)

-2O: ePortfolio contents
-3M: continue w/ Arduino
-3E: computer tasks

2O, 3M: Electronics Test

-ePortfolio req'ts
-ePortfolio marking request form

-ePortfolio contents
-Petruzella safety package
-scavenger hunt
-cool tech

All: if finished, research XAMPP or try Grok Python: Eliza (programming)
-submit Hour of Code certificates


Dec 15 NO GAMES!

-PasswordBox referral (check email)

-ePortfolio req'ts (I've added "Cool Tech")
-ePortfolio marking request form

-ePortfolio contents
-Petruzella safety package (2O, 3M only)
-scavenger hunt
-cool tech

2O: start config'ing computers under table below Macs on our network next door

All: if finished, research XAMPP or try Grok Python: Eliza (programming)

-FYI: Google Tips

-Miracast demo

-finish everything in ePortfolio and submit for marking

-ePortfolio req'ts (I've added "Cool Tech" and "Daybook Feature")
-ePortfolio marking request form

-if finished everything (all previous assignments), install Portable XAMPP and try to get web server and/or FTP server running on your computer. If it seems too complicated, do the HTML tutorial below (save your files).

-HTML Tutorial
-ePortfolio marking
-Markbook status reports
-work period
Jan 5 -Tab Snooze Chrome extension

-PasswordBox: do not use!

-startup bookmarks reminder

-2O: ePortfolios
-previous projects
-3M: Arduino projects cont'd
-HTML Tutorial (discussion)
-demonstrate startup bookmarks for me

-priorities cont'd (exam exemption marks deadline end of class Wed)
-cont'd -cont'd -last day for marks for exam exemption: what are your priorities???
Jan 12  -Get 50 GB cloud storage free at Highshare
-Back up your Google data at Takeout
-...then put your Google backup on Highshare (do this today and regularly!)
-HTML Tutorial cont'd
-FYI: Pi
-check marks (interviews)
-HTML Tutorial cont'd

-HTML Tutorial cont'd
-Web Server (via XAMPP)
-cont'd -cont'd
Jan 19 -cont'd
-Ubuntu installation
-interview times
-web server test
-fill in ePortfolio form
-Course Evaluation
-Learning Skills & Work Habits self-evaluation
-last day of class  Pd 1 exam date

Jan 26 Pd 2 exam date Pd 3 exam date Pd 4 exam date  

 Old Material or Not Used -Running Tina (vs Edison): Prove that...

I = V / R

-Tina challenge: construct a series circuit that proves that...

RT = R1 + R2 + R3 + ...

-the rest: Arduino cont'd

CS Unplugged
-CS Unplugged activity planning
-CS Unplugged (binary & linear searching, sorting, binary)
-CS Unplugged test

-Grok Python: Eliza

Grok: Python: Disease Outbreak

-demo of everyone's FTP servers

-web server test

-create home page

-class Diigo bookmarks

-write electronics tutorial website review 
-evaluate all reviewed websites and come up with your "top 3" list

-Edison: experiment and play with LED cicuit

-if finished, see additional instructions in teacher notes, above.

Arduino 3 LED circuit (Fritzing, breadboard) 

-Blinky circuit on Arduino

-demo of 3 LED program (comments, chunking code, variables)
-3 LED cont'd
-binary counter (4 LEDs)

-Arduino blinking circuit in Fritzing

-CS Unplugged quiz q's

-XAMPP & Apache web server

-prep Web Server test (sign-in req'd)
-FTP server

-config FTP server for at least two users (at least one is username: "anon", password "anon"), with access to a "public" folder on your M drive; include a basic web page in that folder that has your name in it as a heading 1 and a link to your next two neighbor's ftp servers. Also include a link to a utility you find on the Internet that you think would be useful in this class (try not to use the same utility as other students).
-practise for web server test
-prep for cool tech #2

-Cool Tech

-series and parallel intro with Tina

-Nick's Vex website

-Vex/Arduino cont'd

-Continue with Arduino and Vex projects under Nicholas' supervision. Be sure the Fritzing documents are finished and saved for circuits 1-5. When done, start creating screenshots of these (the layout and the schematic) for your ePortfolio.

-dismantle plotters
-Vex/Arduino cont'd
   -computer maintenance GDoc

-Computer History Website Review
-computer history cont'd (key points; create test)
-finish reviewing computer history content; prep q's
-present history websites; take notes on important content (as a class)
-review computer history q's; practice test (test is now Monday)
-computer history test

-Computer Maintenance/ Service Assignment

-Computational Art course demo pic | website

-demo of Vex Robotics (basic motor control; basic hardware overview)
-Vex demo cont'd (program a square path) 

-Turing Graphics
-Turing graphics cont'd
-FINISH Turing Graphics!
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