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2015-2016 BTT1O Daybook

Pd 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Feb 08 -welcome

-office paperwork (pd 1 only)

-locker form (pd 1 only)


-exam exemption discussion
-FYI: #BDSBTT Tweets

-Admin: intros cont'd
-FYI: Teens' top 5 technology mistakes

-Google Security Check: get 2 GB free

-Admin Day 2
-Word tutorials on D2L
+Word Part 1

-Admin: start at professional email address verification

-Download MS Office at home here

-FYI: Diigo Intro & "
Daybook Features"

Early Release Day

Per 2 9:50am – 10:30am

-Research Assignment (Issues) (Read the instructions carefully. Consult with another student if you are unsure of anything.)
Feb 15 Family Day *** Snow Day! *** -FYI:Tweets
-MS Office 2013
-MarkBook printouts
-Word Part 1b
-Admin: continue from email assignment
-"Issues" presentations reminder
-Word-Part 1c

-Word 1d

Issues presentations
Feb 22 -Word part 2
-demo of GooDoc form creation
-texting video
FYI:censorship by Google
-join class Google Group
-Word 2013 MOAC Materials
-Word part 3
FYI:ICT Security Blog Post
1. continue watching the D2L Word Part 3 videos, then do the assignment (and submit). 
2. watch this Exam Prep Word 2016/2013/2010 video
3. if done, do Word Part 4 in D2L
-cont w/ Security issues
-create ePortfolio (issues page, intro page, resources page)
-bookmarks folder
-Word part 3 (assignment only)
-My Skills GDoc

Feb 29 -new BTT and #acse16 tweets, 
-Elise: battery recycling program info
-fix Skills GDoc; copy for yourself.
-continue w/ guidance visits
-Elise:phone call results?
-check GDoc; discuss competencies; make copy for yourself
-Word Part 4
#OnStorm -Word Part 4 assignment
-Word Part 5:complete and hand in assignment
-Word Part 6:complete and hand in assignment
-Word Part 6b:complete and hand in assignment
-cont'd from yesterday
Mar 07 -Word Part 7

-if finished, continue with Word lessons or do an Excel lesson
-Word Part 7b

-if finished, continue with Word lessons or do an Excel lesson
-battery program status?

-Word status?
Word cont'd -continue with Word assignments on D2L. If you're ahead of everyone else, try some Excel assignments.
Mar 14 March Break March Break March Break March Break March Break
Mar 21 Supply Teacher Instructions: specific & general

-continue with Word assignments. If bored, switch to Excel.
Supply Teacher Instructions: specific & general

-continue with Word assignments. If bored, switch to Excel.
Supply Teacher Instructions: specific & general

-continue with Word assignments. If finished, watch this "MS Word 2013 Expert" playlist

-review progress

-work on Word-Advanced if finished Word 
Good Friday
Mar 28 Easter Monday -entrepreneurship assignment -entrepreneurship presentation: Alexis Kleiman, Program Administrator, BioLinc, Brock University’s incubation facility run by the Goodman School of Business. [article] Literacy Test day Supply Teacher Instructions are here

entrepreneurship assignment
-continue working on Word, Advanced Word, or Excel tutorials
Apr 04 -Q's and A's -Binary Chairs -Word cont'd -Word cont'd
-recent tweets
-Word cont'd (or Excel or PowerPoint)
Apr 11 -Practice Tests
-example DoL project (not being used)
-Word test (based on yesterday's practice test [marking form] -re-do the first practice test until you can do it in your sleep!  -cont'd from yesterday. If you're confident you can score 90+ on the test, continue working on Word and/or Excel videos

(re-test next week!)
PD Day
Apr 18 -BTT Tweets
-Excel spreadsheet of Tab vs Word function (make sure your full name is in filename)

-test Word Doc
-test req'ts
-GMetrix demo -GMetrix cont'd FYI:shared GMetrix material (in Google Drive)

-watch these videos and add the skills to the Skills spreadsheet you created Monday
-GMetrix Word Project 1 video
-GMetrix Word Project 2 video

-prep for re-test, if applicable
-continue watching Word or Excel videos on D2L
-Word re-test 
Apr 25 -Word cont'd -about the Udemy msg I sent
-Certification schedule 
-bookmark this link for registering with Certiport (link removed)
-confirm usernames here (link removed)
-Word/Excel/PowerPoint cont'd
-Word/Excel/PowerPoint cont'd (stay on task!)

-Word/Excel/PowerPoint cont'd 

-prep for Word Exam (the rest of the class will be scheduled when I return)
May 02 Jasperactive practice software (30 day free trial) 

-Word/Excel/PPT cont'd
-Synergyse article: install extension

-Word/Excel/PPT cont'd
-Word/Excel/PPT cont'd

-schedule remaining exams
-Excel/PPT Resources 
-announcement: Word re-test tomorrow
-oops, I messed up the calendar...

-Word/Excel/PPT cont'd
-Word/Excel/PPT cont'd

-Word re-test (for some): video | Word doc | marking sheet
May 09 -Word/Excel/PowerPoint cont'd  -continue prepping for Word/Excel/PowerPoint exam -think of (and write down) "ICT issues" questions for tomorrow's guest speaker

-continue prepping for 
Word/Excel/PowerPoint exam
Guest speaker! (Mr. Wilts)

-Write down two interesting things you learned during yesterday’s presentation. Be prepared to share them with the class on Monday
-continue prepping for Word/Excel/PowerPoint exam
May 16 -certificate discussion (not being sent home...)
-Word 2013 Skills Matrix: add "menu" column
-Email assignment
-add to calendar
-Word/Excel/PowerPoint cont'd
-FYI: Google Spaces | blog | Test Space
-example DSBN DoL project (not ours!)
-finish email assignment?
-Word/Excel/PowerPoint cont'd
-ePortfolio requirements

-Google I/O 16 Video & tweets
-create your ePortfolio

-résumés (Google Classroom)
May 23 Victoria Day -resume submission marking?
-updates to ePortfolio req'ts
-status of certifications?
-review YOUR skills survey. Share w/ me (editor)
-resumes cont'd (create yours before start of class tomorrow
-resumes cont'd -resumes cont'd
-Word/Excel/PowerPoint cont'd
Video Instructions

-for those using Excel, create and update your Excel 2013 Skills Matrix
-for those using PowerPoint, create and update your PowerPoint 2013 Skills Matrix
-finish and submit your resume to Google Classroom
-see updated ePortfolio requirements
-Word/Excel/PowerPoint cont'd
-Note: Monday's exams have been rescheduled. See the calendar for details.
May 30 See Friday's Video Instructions (same instructions for today)

-continue updating your new Skills Matrix
-your resume should be submitted to Google Classroom
-Word/Excel/PowerPoint cont'd
-cont'd -cont'd -interested in Summer Camp? Let me know ASAP!
-Classroom assignment: use of presentation software
-ePortfolio/Skills development cont'd
Jun 06 -ePortfolio cont'd
-Word/Excel/PowerPoint cont'd
-presentation marking req'ts (co-create criteria)

-Presentation Outlines Due
-presentation marking req'ts (co-create criteria cont'd)
-cont'd -https://www.lynda.com/
-have you scheduled your appt(s)?
Jun 13 -cont'd  last day for DoL Marks
-cont'd -Video instructions

-Assignment: Issues Questions
-finish your ePortfolio (note: new req'ts; due Monday)

-course evaluation
-Learning Skills & Work Habits self-evaluation
-continue working on new req'ts on ePortfolio.
-be sure your presentation is posted to Google Classroom
-use the tips you learned about desktop publishing to make a 8-1/2" x 11" public service poster on the topic of your choice
Jun 20 -Presentations start | marking form
-issues questions to be marked
-updated ePortfolio req'ts to be marked
-Interview times
-teacher link of course evals
-presentations cont'd

Exams Exams Exams
Jun 27 Exams Summer Vacation!

Miscellaneous Links

BTT1O Reminders