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2015-2016 TEJ2O Daybook


Pd 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Feb 08 -Course overview

-Tech permission forms

-locker form (pd 1 only)

-need a USB drive. Who has one?

-Administrivia (day 1)
-hand in Tech permission form 

-"exam exemption" disc'n

-Admin: intros cont'd

-everyone join reminder service?

-Admin: start at email verification
FYI:MarkBook printouts (link also below daybook)

-Computer Scavenger Hunt  (for tomorrow)

Cool Tech

-Admin: start with log into Chrome

-startup bookmarks (daybook, ePortfolio, ePortfolio req'ts, Keep, Gmail, #bdstej)
Early Release Day

Per 1 9:00am – 9:45am

-work on the Scavenger Hunt document you created yesterday. If done, add 10 extra questions of your own choosing.

Feb 15 Family Day Snow day!  -Admin: start with Website Overview
-Buy a Computer for a customer using parts from Wintronic
-join email list (see Admin) (test doc)
-create (or update) 
ePortfolios; create glossary page, scavenger hunt page

-report cards

-FYI:Category Tabs for Google Keep (courtesy Brody)
-check shared Buy a Computer emails
startup bookmarks (add daybook, ePortfolio, ePortfolio req'ts, Keep)
-ePortfolio: create Glossary
-Buy a Computer cont'd
Feb 22 -scavenger hunt progress? 
-remind 101 and Google Group check
-Buy a Computer assignment cont'd
-Buy a Computer cont'd
-Learn the Command Line progress?
-Buy a Computer assignment cont'd (CPU discussion)
-add Build a Computer to ePortfolio
-finish Scavenger Hunt
Learn the Command Line

-Scavenger Hunt assignment due

-glossary: add graphics card, CPU, hard drive, heat sink, monitor, motherboard, power supply, RAM, cooling fan, SSD, computer case, RAID, USB, mouse, keyboard, peripheral, input device, output device, SATA, socket style, form factor
-Buy a Computer assignment cont'd (motherboard discussion)
-check Tech permission forms
-Buy a computer: case, hard disk, optional SSD
Feb 29 FYI-CPU Article (read this!)

-earbud reminder

-permission forms

-glossary: add USB-C, Linux, Apache Web Server, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Celeron

-All:Get 50 GB cloud storage free at Highshare. We will be using this tomorrow in class to back up our Google accounts.

-CS Unplugged: Binary Chairs
-FYI:Win7 64 bit humour

-check that you have access to Make a Website on Codecademy

-CS Unplugged overview cont'd

Note: Must choose activity by end of today

-CS Unplugged activity planning document | tchr link

#OnStorm Priorities:
-CS Unplugged prep (see your planning document)
-Learn the Command Line tutorial cont'd 
(make sure you log in!)
-Make a Website tutorial (make sure you log in!)

Note:the absolute deadline for re-marking your scavenger hunt is Friday. Re-share with Brandon (and me) if ready for re-marking.

-Scavenger Hunt re-mark deadline

-see yesterday's priorities. Continue with those activities

Mar 07 -guidance appointments, 3 at a time

-CS Unplugged prep (see your planning document)
-Learn the Command Line tutorial cont'd 
(make sure you log in!)
-Make a Website tutorial (make sure you log in!)
-see yesterday's priorities. Continue with those activities
-Mark glossary (21?)

-CS Unplugged prep (example Google Drawing activity

-CS Unplugged activities 
-CS Unplugged test Q's

-glossary: add ???

-Back up your Google data at Takeout
-...then put your Google backup on Highshare (do this today and regularly!)

-demo of including pictures for glossary
-need planning document links in this doc

-continue with past assignments
-priority 1: finish command line and web creation tutorials

-Brody & Brad: install FTP server and config to share Linux Mint ISO

-watch intro Arduino videos here

-Arduino assignment
Mar 14 March Break March Break March Break March Break March Break
Mar 21 Supply Teacher Instructions: specific & general

Priorities (to be done in order):
-verify that computers in this document exist and label with "Yes" or "No", as applicable
-continue with Codecademy tutorials:

+Learn the Command Line
+Make a Website
+if done, pick any other tutorial on the site
-cont'd from yesterday.

-2 groups still need to fill in the computer inventory spreadsheet
-cont'd from yesterday. -marking:
+Command Line
+Website tutorial
+Buy a Computer

-continue with Python
Good Friday
Mar 28 Easter Monday -Linux assignment (due tomorrow)

-glossary: add ???

-demo:installation of Linux Mint
-disc'n:boot order, BIOS password reset
-install Linux Mint after website and command lines tutorials are complete
-3E:Linux System Administration Supply Teacher Instructions are here

These tutorials must be finished!

+Learn the Command Line
+Make a Website 
When finished, work on these:
+Linux assignment (due this past Tuesday)
+Linux System Administration (watch the videos only if you haven't installed Linux yet, otherwise watch the videos and practise on the computer you installed Linux on.
-if done everything, pick any other tutorial on the Codecademy site
Apr 04 -command line tutorial
-make a website tutorial
-linux assignment
-install Linux Mint
-Linux System Administration

-glossary: add ???
-Linux: install Chromium and perform all updates
-how to install Apache web server?
-record command line and website tutorial marks (deadline)
-reminder service in Google Calendar

-Apache web server instructions -Python tutorial (or previous tutorials if not finished)
Apr 11 -ePortfolio: add Linux Commands page

-"What I Learned" Test  (due Thursday)

-mark Linux commands page
-What I learned test cont'd
-Linux commands 
 on ePortfolio (if not finished)
-Linux research assignment (if not finished)
-finish What I Learned Test (due today) (hand it into Turnitin.com per the instructions in the document)
-Python tutorial (or previous tutorials if not finished)
PD Day
Apr 18 -Google Calendar: adding reminders and setting goals
-submit test to turnitin.com
-anyone with a failing test mark is to come in at lunch today
-for those finished their test, start watching the
-add outstanding assignments to Google Calendar (as reminders)
-Linux, Robotics, Arduino, etc. cont'd

-Linux, Robotics, Arduino, etc. cont'd
Supply Teacher Instructions are here

These tutorials and assignments must be finished!

+Make a Website 
+Linux assignment 
+create homepage for server test

Then work on:

-if done everything, pick any other tutorial on the Codecademy site
-Arduino videos
+Linux System Administration (watch the videos only if you haven't installed Linux yet, otherwise watch the videos and practise on the computer you installed Linux on.

Apr 25 -Mika's proposal
-Ubuntu course videos 1
-Arduino videos
-Arduino research assignment
-Arduino assignments
-ifconfig (add to glossary)
-Ubuntu video #2
-FYI:some Arduino inspiration (just read; do not do!)

Priorities (in order):
Arduino research assignment
-skim "Daybook Features" bookmarks and add at least one to ePortfolio
+Linux System Administration (watch the videos only if you haven't installed Linux yet, otherwise watch the videos and practise on the computer you installed Linux on.

Then work on:

-if done everything, pick any other tutorial on the Codecademy site
(continue with yesterday's tasks) cont'd
May 02 -ECOO disc'n
-glossary: add partition, Arduino, breadboard, resistor, LED
Synergyse extension for Google Apps
-activities, cont'd
-report cards
-activities, cont'd -Derek, see me
-validate your HTML assignment here
-activities, cont'd
-activities, cont'd
May 09 -Arduino Activities  (2O only)

-glossary: add ???
Priorities, if not already done:
-finish What I Learned test
-website assignment
-Arduino research (TEJ2O only)
-anything to do on your ePortfolio?

New work:
-TEJ2K students: read this article and do this Customer Service assignment
-TEJ2O students: finish Empty Program and Blinking LED on the Arduino projects page. Do not apply power until I see your circuit.
-skim "Daybook Featuresbookmarks or class Tweets and add at least one to ePortfolio
-everything from yesterday
-Careers assignment  for ePortfolio
-latest tweets
-marks & assignments explanation
-daybook feature on ePortfolio
-TEJ2K:Customer Service assignment

Priorities, if not already done:
-finish What I Learned test
-website assignment
-Arduino research (TEJ2O only)
-anything to do on your ePortfolio?

New work this week:
-TEJ2K students: read this article and do this Customer Service assignment 
-TEJ2O students: finish Empty Program and Blinking LED on the Arduino projects page. Do not apply power until I see your circuit.
-skim "Daybook Featuresbookmarks or class Tweets and add at least one to ePortfolio
-Careers assignment for ePortfolio

-if you're stuck and have nothing you can work on, get a head start on your next What I Learned test.
May 16 -ePortfolio

-glossary: add ???
-cont'd -FYI: Google Spaces | blog
-Cool Tech Space 
-Tech is Cool 
-Rankin Run reminder (daily)
-Google I/O 16 Video & tweets
-reminder: Cool Tech tomorrow
-projects cont'd
-Cool Tech presentations
May 23 Victoria Day -projects cont'd -Rankin Run $$$ due
-projects cont'd
-projects cont'd Video instructions

-Derek is to go the resource room

-work on ePortfolio and/or projects (no power on Arduinos while I am away!). Note: ePortfolio requirements have been updated.
May 30 Video instructions

-work on 
ePortfolio and/or projects (no power on Arduinos while I am away!). Note: ePortfolio requirements have been updated.
-ePortfolios and projects cont'd -ePortfolios and projects cont'd -class tweets
-ePortfolios and projects cont'd
-summer camp?
-udemy courses
-ePortfolios and projects cont'd

Jun 06 -student priorities -cont'd -cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
Jun 13 -cont'd last day for DoL Marks
-cont'd -Video instructions

-the highest priority is anything not done on your ePortfolio
Core Terms for your glossaries   (being marked Monday)
-Shop Safety or First Aid assignment   (due end of class Monday)
-Course Evaluation 
-Learning Skills & Work Habits self-evaluation 
-yesterday's material cont'd
Jun 20 -submit glossary ePortfolio pages for marking
-forms filled in from Friday?
last day! 

-have you submitted the forms from Friday?

-Interview times
Exams Exams Exams
Jun 27 Exams Summer Vacation

Miscellaneous Links


TEJ2O Reminders

TEJ3M Reminders

TEJ3M Reminders

TEJ4M Reminders

Old Daybook(s)

Pd 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


-3M:computer hardware overview
-3M:glossary cont'd
+create TOC, section for Glossary Websites
-3M:hard drive interface to motherboard compatibility 
-3M:-binary chairs (number systems review, binary weighting, etc.)
-create pictures for Google profile (optional)
-Build a Computer cont'd:
+share (for commenting) with two peers 
+check compatibility of case and motherboard (form factor) and motherboard and CPU (socket) (enter details on assignment)
+check that all links work


-3M/3E:computer disassembly/reassembly (intro)

-4M:self-reflection on your Advanced Computer presentation (see email) (due tomorrow)

-3M/4M:if finished, review Lego tutorial in Handout drive

-FYI:5 Traits Creative People Have That Most People Will Never Understand


-inventory overview

FYI:Free courses at Udemy

-3M:reassemble computers

-3M:Linux distro research

-3M:Linux cont'd

-4M:independent projects cont'd (update tomorrow)


-3M:Linux installs 
-3M:Arduino videos and assignment

-3M:Linux installs cont'd (on projector) (put version here)
-3M:Arduino cont'd


-3M: continue with Arduino Questions Assignment. If finished, research Arduino tutorial websites and add to your ePortfolio 
-3M:research a Cool Tech topic


-3E: status of Customer Service assignment?
-3E:inventory cont'd

-3M:Arduino program demo
-3M:mark Arduino GDoc assignments & Scavenger Hunt
-3M:Arduino ccts (each one has to be marked individually)

-4M:independent projects cont'd
-Wintronics proposal:okay or not?

-3M:-Intro electronics
-3M:Arduino activities cont'd

-Cool tech tomorrow!

-3M:Arduino activities cont'd

-ePortfolio day (weekly) (added Arduino Q's to ePortfolio)


-open period:work on improving marks

-Lubuntu vs Ubuntu vs Ubuntu Mate demo
Instructions for Supply Teacher

Saying Hello to Mr. Fiocca

-3E:Networking Keywords assignment (due tomorrow)

-4M:independent projects cont'd

-If done, work on the Cool Tech assignment or play the Cisco binary game

-Cool Tech?
-FYI:Lima network device

-catchup day

-Cable cleanup #3209

-Chromebook CloudReady

-review and overview of coming tasks

-ePortfolio day (weekly)

-3M/3E:review Linux assignments together
-3M:Arduino cont'd
-3M:Linux install must be done by end of today
-3M:Arduino cont'd
Instructions for Supply Teacher

-3M:Cool Tech research

-3M:Cool Tech research

-4M:prep for weekly class update, for tomorrow (slideshow)
-4M:"What I Learned" Test  (due Monday; read instructions carefully)
-4M:weekly class update

-3E:check Linux assignment

-3M:mark What I Learned tests

-ePortfolio day (weekly)

FYI George Boole

3E:inventory cont'd

3M:potentiometer & binary review
3M:Arduino cont'd

4M:test due
4M:projects cont'd

-activities cont'd -cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
-Raspberry Pi video
-marks & work period (all)

-college options disc'n

-marks & work period (all)

-gr 9/10:Beaver Computing Contest

-others:work period
-gr 9/10:Beaver Computing Contest

-others:work period

-4M:prep for Tuesday (slide show)

PA Day
-4M:weekly class update

-ePortfolio day (weekly)
-tobacco presentation feedback
-4M:weekly class update (for marks)

-upload badge to ePortfolio
-create batch files to create baseline files & folders for command line lessons


-3M:complete part 2 of the Learn the Command Line tutorial. (see Reet if you're unsure how to do this)

-3E:Code.org Programming

-4M:add Rasberry Pi resources to shared Keep list (use your class Google ID to access). Discuss these resources with each other, prioritizing them from best to worst, with the best on top (drag and drop items around).

-All:if finished, work on Cool Tech
3M:email batch files to me
3M:investigate how to install s/w on your version of Linux

3E:LOG IN to code.org to record your marks

4M:Raspberry Pi research
-3M/3E:LXLE Linux | LXLE assignment 

-3M:finish and submit batch files to hand in folder

-3E:LOG IN to code.org and continue with tutorials assigned Monday

-4M:finish the assignments you were given Monday
-4M:prep for line follower demo tomorrow (w/ slideshow)
-4M:to prepare for programming on the Raspberry Pi, do the Python from Scratch tutorial

-Apple Swift mtg

-reflection and where we're headed

-3E:see Mrs Berg in guidance for pickup
-3E:build LXLE machine 

-3M:install OpenArena on Linux machines
-3M:research Apache web server (xampp?)

-4M:Raspberry Pi:direction?
-3M:OpenArena networking

-3E:Code.org cont'd

-4M:Raspberry Pi
-3M:Arduino catchup

-3E:Code.org cont'd

-3M:Apache on Linux

-3E:Code.org cont'd

-3E:Code.org cont'd

-3M:create a Google Doc named "TEJ3M FullName Apache Research" and immediately share with me. Research the Apache web server (esp on Linux) and record as much detail as you can about how to run and use Apache. (this is being marked TODAY)
-3M:start doing the HTML Tutorial (it's incomplete)
-3M:Cool Tech

-4M:Raspberry Pi cont'd. Prep a comprehensive slideshow to share with class tomorrow, including web resources and your progress. Share with me immediately so I can monitor your progress.
-ePortfolio day (weekly)

-4M:line follower demo
-4M: individual combine slideshows from Thursday into one; present tomorrow. Interlude specific goals for project
-3M:HTML tutorial (see Thursday)
-3E:customer computer
-3E:Code.org marks course2
-3M:demo Apache, OpenArena (for marks)
-3M:OpenArea Instructions
-3E:customer computer
-3M:HTML tutorial
-cont'd -cont'd

-3M:more Linux network games?
FYI:Nest thermost

-ePortfolio day (weekly)

-Wizards of Winter light show 2006 | 2012

-3M:HTML tutorial temporarily here
-4M:RaspPi Slideshow
-4M:see my updated slideshow about how the Arduino sends data to the Pi. Today's goal is to send two soil moisture streams to the Pi and decode and display them as "% dry". e.g.,
sensor 1: 40% dry
sensor 2: 22% dry

-3E:Linux System Admin Overview (Keep Link)
-4M:ultrasonic sensor

-ePortfolio day (weekly)

-3E,3M to Library Mon, Tue, Fri, 3-211 Wed, Thu
-4M: continue work on Raspberry Pi and assist with grade 9's

Core Terms for your glossaries (add all mandatory words)

-3E:outstanding code.org assignments
-Any new glossary terms you should add? (email me)
-3E, 3M:Digital Overdrive - Basic Computer Concepts: Email the certificate to your instructor for marking
FYI:Windows Command Line tutorial
"What I Learned" Test  (due Friday; read instructions carefully)
-3E, 3M:add Digital Overdrive certificate to ePortfolio (via Google Photos upload or Picasa)
-Cool Tech research: presentations Monday! (no exceptions)

-4M:weekly class update

All: research this week's CES. Create a short slideshow about at least one item that interests you. Title: Course Code Full Name CES Report
All:-CES & Cool Tech presentations  All:Cool Tech presentations (in library)

All:new What I Learned page for ePortfolio (thanks Phil for the example I used!)
-last Cool Tech presentations

-FYI:wi-fi controversy
 +finish any incomplete WIL tests
 +see new ePortfolio requirements
-3M:write and submit two Linux" test questions (due today)
-3E:outstanding code.org assignments
-4M:RaspPi web page, with data from Arduino (get it working!)
-FYI: Mother Posted on Her Daughters Facebook

-3M:prep for HTML test tomorrow
-3M:HTML test
-3M:test self-evaluation form (tchr link)
-take up test
-demo of online marking method for ePortfolio
-work on ePortfolios
-WIL ePortfolio page -3M:review Linux questions

-ePortfolio day (weekly)

work period  -cont'd
3E, 4M: WIL link submission [tchr link] Official exam start date

Mar 23 -Web 2.0 Tools
-computer Jobs spreadsheet (sign-in req'd)
-update Client Jobs pages on ePortfolio
-school inventory tasks

-Intro electronics cont'd
-Five Steps in Solving Ohm's Law Problems
-Ohm's Law problems

-3M:continue with Arduino activities; get each marked before continuing

2O:Arduino LED Blink; Potentiometer part 1
3M:Potentiometer part 2 & 2b

-network device discussion: Drobo, NAS, CrashPlan (backup)

2O:Arduino Potentiometer part 2 & 2b
3M:8 LEDs - each manually programmed (do not use arrays)

Cool Tech reminder (wkly)
-Binary to Decimal Converter: how many bits for ADC in Arduino?
-BDSS Computer Repair Form

3M:8 LEDs - each manually programmed (do not use arrays) cont'd
-bit extraction demo program
-Arduino language reference (random, if, bitwise and)
3E-cont'd-Greenshot screenshot program (w/ portable version)
-Audio research links form | tchr
All:System Explorer update
2O,3M:load XAMPP to M or V drives (discussion)
All:UGC Niagara
2O, 3M:homepage event! (record)
All:Cisco binary game (find and use a website to help with converting to binary. Use this time to help learn binary!)

2O,3M:home page rotation!
All: Binary chairs revisited, Cisco, 2048
2O,3M:home page rotation, with numbers!
2O: Priorities:


3E: Priorities:
-email me benchmark results
-document disassembly and reassembly of old Dell (take pictures and share with me via Google+; practise taking apart and putting back together)

3M: Priorities:

-Pet 1-1 Electrical Safety Activity Pack (skip website review, wet vs dry experiment, and crossword; print and bring home electrical safety checklist)
-Fritzing (schematic only -- Blinking LED, Potentiometer, Multiple LEDs)

-my tweets from conference
-CHIP - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer
-CS Unplugged prep
-status of Petruzella activities from ActPack


-prep one computer for donation
-CS Unplugged test q's

May 18 2O:
Vex intro

2O, 3M:
-review test q's

-status of Petruzella activities from ActPack

-Vex experimentation cont'd -- give me report tomorrow

-next Arduino LCD experiment (thermometer); if done, add switch to switch between C and F

-get lab ready for grade 9's
-brainstorm what we could do with donation computer (how to publicize)
-start collaborating on "What I Learned Test #2" 

2O, 3M:
CS Unplugged test Monday

May 25 FYI:Tab Snooze Chrome extension

2O, 3M: CS Unplugged Test

-Vex cont'd

-status of Petruzella activities from ActPack
-Arduino folder on handout drive; what's good?
-Arduino's cont'd

-Vex reviews

-"Nifty" presentations

-work period 2O
-hour of code (Angry Birds)

-Electrical safety package
Jun 1 -Back up your Google data at Takeout
-...then put your Google backup on Highshare (do this today and regularly!)
-ePortfolios (all)

-ePortfolio cont'd
-Careers Article Précis (due Monday)
-ePortfolio cont'd
-ePortfolio marking request form

-cont'd from yesterday
Jun 8  Precis due

2O, 3M: Electronics Test

-ePortfolio Computer Inventory: add What I Did [summary], Rooms I Inventoried and Maintain, Problems I Overcame / Maintenance Log

-organizer tips (

-ePortfolio Inventory link form
-marking today: inventory summary and glossary

-update Rooms I Inventoried and Maintain on ePortfolio (determine req's as a class)

-finish component presentations, based on feedback; when finished, email Mr. Beens so it can be shared with entire class; final presentations next Monday

-electronics tutorials website reviews

-Electronics Safety Poster Assignment [LP]

-Interactive Ohm's Law (go through slides; make sure you understand)

-if done, do Networking unit in Digital Overdrive 

-submit safety posters

-Mindomo Computer Jobs (3E editors) [tchr link]

-Computer Component Presentations

-research and bookmark Arduino videos & resources to share

3E: plan "computer repair business"; report back to class tomorrow

3M:Fritzing demo

3E: share business proposals
2O, 3M: share Arduino resources (GDoc); view others' and pick your top three

3E: identify library computers to be replaced and which computers will replace them
3E: 3201 maintenance check 

[daily notes]
2O, 3M: top three Arduino sites; watch Udemy videos; Arduino kit exploration
2O, 3M: -Arduino cont'd
FYI: White Bread Shield for Arduino

All: daybook items on Diigo

2O, 3M: has everyone entered top three Arduino sites?
2O, 3M: Arduino cont'd
3M:Fritzing intro

All: Coding handout

3E:Computer Jobs spreadsheet (sign-in req'd)
2O, 3M: top three Arduino sites are...
All-intro electronics presentation

2O, 3M: Electronics test planning document

-2O, 3M: write electronics test questions (today; due tomorrow; no exceptions)
2O, 3M: Electronics test planning document cont'd

-review and mark test q's; create test (as a class)

-2O, 3M: Interactive Ohm's Law
-BDSS' Hour of Code

-ePortfolio req'ts
-ePortfolio marking request form

All: if finished, try Grok Python: Eliza (programming)

-ePortfolio contents
-Petruzella safety package (2O, 3M only)
-scavenger hunt
-cool tech

2O: start config'ing computers under table below Macs on our network next door

All: if finished, research XAMPP or try Grok Python: Eliza (programming)

-FYI: Google Tips

-Miracast demo

-finish everything in ePortfolio and submit for marking

-ePortfolio req'ts (I've added "Cool Tech" and "Daybook Feature")
-ePortfolio marking request form

-if finished everything (all previous assignments), install Portable XAMPP and try to get web server and/or FTP server running on your computer. If it seems too complicated, do the HTML tutorial below (save your files).

-PasswordBox: do not use!

-startup bookmarks reminder

-demonstrate startup bookmarks for me

-priorities cont'd (exam exemption marks deadline end of class Wed)

-last day for exam exemption marking

-FYI: Pi
 Jun 29  -Running Tina (vs Edison): Prove that...

I = V / R

-Tina challenge: construct a series circuit that proves that...

RT = R1 + R2 + R3 + ...

-Grok Python: Eliza

Grok: Python: Disease Outbreak

-demo of everyone's FTP servers

-class Diigo bookmarks

-write electronics tutorial website review 
-evaluate all reviewed websites and come up with your "top 3" list

-Edison: experiment and play with LED cicuit

-if finished, see additional instructions in teacher notes, above.

Arduino 3 LED circuit (Fritzing, breadboard) 

-Blinky circuit on Arduino

-demo of 3 LED program (comments, chunking code, variables)
-3 LED cont'd
-binary counter (4 LEDs)

-Arduino blinking circuit in Fritzing

-CS Unplugged quiz q's

-XAMPP & Apache web server

-prep Web Server test (sign-in req'd)
-FTP server

-config FTP server for at least two users (at least one is username: "anon", password "anon"), with access to a "public" folder on your M drive; include a basic web page in that folder that has your name in it as a heading 1 and a link to your next two neighbor's ftp servers. Also include a link to a utility you find on the Internet that you think would be useful in this class (try not to use the same utility as other students).
-practise for web server test
-prep for cool tech #2

-series and parallel intro with Tina

-Nick's Vex website

-Vex/Arduino cont'd

-Continue with Arduino and Vex projects under Nicholas' supervision. Be sure the Fritzing documents are finished and saved for circuits 1-5. When done, start creating screenshots of these (the layout and the schematic) for your ePortfolio.

-dismantle plotters
-Vex/Arduino cont'd
    -computer maintenance GDoc

-Computer History Website Review
-computer history cont'd (key points; create test)
-finish reviewing computer history content; prep q's
-present history websites; take notes on important content (as a class)
-review computer history q's; practice test (test is now Monday)
-computer history test

-Computer Maintenance/ Service Assignment

-Computational Art course demo pic | website

-demo of Vex Robotics (basic motor control; basic hardware overview)
-Vex demo cont'd (program a square path) 

-Turing Graphics
-Turing graphics cont'd
-FINISH Turing Graphics!