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Web 2.0 Tools

Throughout the course we will be using various tools on the Internet to help our learning.

To aid with this, I highly recommend you install Portable Chrome to your home drive so that any changes to the configuration of your web browser are not deleted every night by the Deep Freeze software on the computer. Portable Chrome can be downloaded from http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/google_chrome_portable. Be sure to "sign in" to Chrome so your bookmarks and extensions are saved and sync'd across all your locations.

Note II: If you run Portable Chrome from the V drive, it is highly recommended you run it from a TrueCrypt crypt file. (ask for demo)  It is preferred that you run Portable Chrome from your M drive or a thumb drive.

Once you have installed either of these browsers, you may wish to install various extensions, such as:
  • Lastpass - to maintain your passwords
  • uBlock Origin - to block intrusive ads
  • Shareaholic - to help share links via Diigo, Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitters, etc.
  • Ghostery - blocks websites from gathering browser data from you
For social bookmarking, we will be using Diigo to bookmark and share web resources we have discovered. At some point during the course you may be asked to join a private Diigo group. A link will be provided at that time. http://www.diigo.com/.

For electronic communication within the class, we will be using Google Groups. https://groups.google.com.

For collaborative work, we will be using Google Drive and/or Google Sites. https://drive.google.com http://sites.google.com.

For backing up files online, Dropbox is an excellent tool.

For news reading, I recommend Feedspot. Please use this referral link when joining: http://www.feedspot.com/r_52d5718ff905.