Living Beyond Limits

Watch the TEDx video Living Beyond Limits, uninterrupted, without taking notes.

Review the Steps in the Design Process, perhaps opening the page in a new tab of your browser so you can look at them while re-watching the video.

In a Google Doc named "Full Name Course Code Living Beyond Limits", explain how each step of the design process was a factor in Amy's real-life situation. 

Lastly, describe a memorable part of the video and explain why it was memorable, and share your favourite quote from the video.

Your assignment must be written in paragraph format, with proper spelling and grammar. 

You may use the following to copy and paste into your document:

Clearly define the problem or challenge

Conduct research

Generate ideas for potential solutions

Choose the best solution

Build a prototype or model

Test and evaluate the solution

Reflect and report on the process

List one part of the video that is particularly memorable for you. Why was it memorable?

What is your favourite quote from the video?