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01_3 Basic Drawing Techniques

Assignment 1
  1. Watch the video "less1_3.avi".
  2. Open AutoCAD, then experiment with it to become familiar with the concepts introduced in the video.
  3. Re-watch the video as many times as necessary, pausing when necessary, to master these concepts.
  4. Submit a file named "01_3 FullName" to the relevant hand-in folder that includes a drawing made exactly like the one in the video. To learn the concepts mentioned in this video, it is very important that you create the drawing the same way it is created in the video!
Assignment 2
  1. Type out the commands that would be used to draw a square starting at 0,0 with sides 5 units long.
  2. Do the same for an equilateral triangle and a hexagon.
  3. Test your commands with a classmate to be sure they work.