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Sep 3
Labour Day

Period 2: 10:30 - 11:45
-4M:weekly reflection 
-4M:independent project proposals due tomorrow (Makerbot -- see me!)
-4M:proposals due 
-FYI:"Daybook Feature" material in my Diigo account 
-Admin:intros, website
-4M:Makerbot document
-FYI:portable chrome 
-admin:intros cont'd caitlin
-FYI:Hallway blog 
-4M:weekly reports due Monday
-admin:email verification cont'd
Sep 10 -4M:Weekly reflections due 
-Cool Tech 
-web2.0 tools review
-Do Schools Kill Creativity?
-Steps in the Design Process
-Fundamental Technological Concepts & assignment
-email address & pre-course q verification? 
-4M:project overview Gdoc
-pick object for fundamental concepts assignment

-set up Makerbot
-fundamental concepts assignment cont'd

-fundamental concepts assignment due
-check email for marks 
group test document 
-Class Diigo group; install Diigo extension
-SketchUp Tutorial Website Reviews 
-SketchUp Pro license available 
-SketchUp tutorial website reviews (cont''d)  
-SketchUp Quick Reference
Sep 17 -4M:weekly reflection due
-Learning Goals refection (sign-in req'd) | 
What have we learned? (teacher link) 
-Cool Tech reminder
-5 minute planning
-website tutorials cont'd

-new SketchUp link
-what's your organizer tip? (
-website tutorial demos

-4M:check weekly review comments
-demos cont'd
-Sketchup websites reviews are due
-Sketchup demos cont'd 
-finish and submit your Sketchup tutorial file and four from other students
Sep 24 -Cool Tech reminder
-FYI:MOOC (Coursera)
-FYI:12 Things Students Should Never Do on Social Media  
-5 minute planning 
-work on SketchUp tutorials (and submit)
-sketching discussion
-tutorials cont'd

-Cube Assignment 
-Opposite Colours
Terry Fox Walk -TEACHER INFO
House (Basic) 
-3D Text on Cylinder
Oct 1 -Cool Tech reminder 
-5 minute planning 
-Folding bike video
-Sketching website tutorial website review

-finish all previous SketchUp tutorials
-sketching website review; do yours and three others' sketches, then any one drawing from  Sketch-A-Day   
-cont'd -Michelle AutoCAD presentation
-sketches done?
iPod assignment
PA Day
Oct 8 Thanksgiving-iPod cont'd-cont'd-iPhone-cont'd
Oct 15 -hand in sketches
-Boxjoint tutorial
-Portable Apps demo (in O drive)
-Geodesic Dome
-cont'd -Coverage info
-Layers Assignment

-Engineering Assignment
-Coverage info
-Living Beyond Limits assignment
Oct 22 -hand in layers assignment; share engineering & living beyond limits Google docs
-work period
-Rounded Box -Length and Area-work day -work day
Oct 29 -Fig. 2-1 Basic Dimensioning Elements
-Using Exact Dimensions
-AutoCAD with Doyle -AutoCAD with Doyle -AutoCAD with Doyle-AutoCAD with Doyle
Nov 5 -Cool Tech emails-see Coverage info for details
-Careers Article 2
-review AutoCAD basics, preparing for "Doyle test"
-4M:What I Learned test -work period; mark updates Remembrance day
Nov 12 -Living Beyond Limits fave quote
-respond to one cool tech

-engineering followup & discussion
-coverage info
-Scratch fun! (re-install from o: drive; show-and-tell tomorrow!)
-Scratch show-and-tell
-Rockets cont'd
-FYI: Girls Develop It Online promoting Computer Science to girls)
PA Day

Nov 19 Videos:
SketchUp and CAD - Creating Walls
SketchUp and CAD - Doors and Windows
-Trace House Drawing #1
-Spectacam profile
-trace house cont'd
-model Spectacam in SketchUp-finish trace house #1
-Spectacam cont'd
-coverage info for teacher
-Spectacam cont'd
-Trace House Drawing #2 (apply the layering and furniture concepts from the final project)
Nov 26 -twitter videos
-FYI: Ten Tricks To Make Yourself a Gmail Master
-2D drawing: Stop Sign (sign-in req'd)
-2D drawing: Maple Leaf (sign-in req'd)-cont'd -cont'd
Dec 3 -projects cont'd -daybook feature websites
-plugins discussion
-projects cont'd
-cont'd -pick up computers
-FYI: One World, One Smile video
-Truesync/Dropbox discussion
-final projects (dream house) SUBMIT DAILY!!!
Dec 10 -final project log (create)
-trace house cont'd

-DSBN skills competitions disc'n
FYI: Meteor Shower
Dec 17 -cont'd-cont'd-Cool Tech (backchannel)-cont'd
Jan 7 -FYI:How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)
final projects (reminder to submit daily!)
-final projects cont'd -cont'd-cont'd-cont'd
Jan 14 -cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
-What I Learned test
-cont'd -cont'd
-review dream house folders
Jan 21 -cont'd Final projects due (end of period) -4M: Grade 12 reflections (due today)
-Course Evaluation
-Learning Skills & Work Habits self-evaluation
cleanup Pd 1 exams

 Jan 28Pd 2 exams

Interview times
Pd 3 ExamsPd 4 exams Not done this semester
-AutoCAD tutorial

-Teaching in the Digital Age
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