SketchUp Learning Journal

Create a Google Presentations document entitled "Full Name SketchUp Learning Journal" and share it with your instructor (with editing rights).

Create a suitable title page, with the title, your full name, and a suitable graphic.

For each reference (video, website, etc.) that you use in class, you are to create at least one slide with a "fact" that you learned about SketchUp. Each slide must be unique and include content not similar to previous content in your presentation. 

This will become your own personal resource that can be used for test writing.

Marking Criteria

These are the criteria that were determined by you, as a class:
  • screenshots for every project that you worked on (5 marks)
    • (the screenshots must be of YOUR projects!)
  • tips 'n tricks learned (3 marks)
  • tools learned (3 marks)
  • creativity (2 marks)
  • overall organization, including sections (4 marks)
  • perfect spelling and grammar (1 mark)
    • must be perfect to get this mark!
  • overall detail (4 marks)
  • aesthetics (3 marks)
Total marks: 25

A printable checklist of this marking scheme is available here.